10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

Have you ever wondered how Gigi Hadid no makeup would be? Answer the question yourself by reading this article!

In the world nowadays, where the standard of beauty is increasingly expanded and people tend to beautify and appreciate pure and natural beauty, even the most truthful and beautiful ones are also put to assess. As a super popular American model and also a famous Victoria’s Secret AngelGigi Hadid also has to show some proof of her real beauty under the daily makeup layer to prove if she is really beautiful or not. Many people have a wrong thought as they consider these models are nothing more than a plastic doll that just lies there and waits for people to beautify them with thick makeup layers and different kinds of clothes. And even more than that, some people, whether by accident or on purpose, are not aware of their inborn beauty that is why it is time for Gigi to reveal some of her best makeup-free looks.

If you were wondering that seeing Gigi Hadid without those heavy powders, eyeshadows, and lipsticks would be a disappointment, then you are wrong. With her blue eyes and baby skin, Gigi looks great even if she just wakes up. By only reading, you may not believe what I said, so here are the top 10 best moments of Gigi Hadid, where she sports no makeup, for you to make an assessment yourself. Take a look!

10 images of Gigi Hadid without makeup

[1] Walk on the street

Walk on the street large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

Besides being a professional model, Gigi is also a famous television star and for that, she has to maintain a beautiful image almost all the time. By saying ‘a beautiful image’, you may confuse with using makeup, makeup is just the outer shell and not the inner real beauty. The beautiful image here requires maintenance, which means to keep up with the natural look and maintain it with a healthy lifestyle. In this picture, we see that although there’s no support from cosmetics, Gigi still looks very fresh and healthy without being a lack of vitality or pale.

[2] The charisma of a big Hollywood star

The charisma of a big Hollywood star large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

Being a world-class fashionista, Gigi Hadid always pays attention to her image whenever she appears to the public. She always knows how to turn the most normal and simple clothes to the most stylish style just by combining them with each other, not only costumes but also hairstyles. If in the first picture, we see that Hadid appears looking sporty and dynamic in the low bun hairstyle with a stylish black headband, then here she immediately transforms into the graceful feminine image with the long layered soft wavy blonde hairstyle.

[3] Looking fancy

Looking fancy large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

This is one of the best pictures showing Gigi Hadid’s natural beauty. Here she went out with the long straight blonde hair and wearing a tight leather jacket along with slim-fit blue jeans, which perfectly flatter her fitted sexy body. I cannot help but continuing to stare in this picture and admiring her marvelous beauty. How about you?

[4] Fantastic look

Fantastic look large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

Gigi Hadid has the ability to turn everywhere she goes through into the catwalk, as expect from the world-class model, and you know what? She even does that while wearing zero makeup! Just look at this picture, even though there’s no hint of beauty product the face, Gigi still looks as stunning and charming as ever. The floating layered blonde lob optionally swept to one side of the head and the big blue sunglasses make Gigi Hadid look even fancier and more eye-catching.

[5] Sporty look

Sporty look f615c388 428a 44f3 9292 7a5584e8cd7b large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

Here is another gorgeous picture of Gigi Hadid without makeup. The famous American model looked really good as she was displaying her totally real face while departing from a coffee shop. As always, she was looking very stylish rocking blue jeans and a short tank-top to delicately show off the sexy ant waist. The long blonde hair was neatly wrapped up into a high ponytail combining with wearing a blue cap outside also bring her a more dynamic and youthful appearance, making the model look like a few years younger.

[6] Gymnastic look

Gymnastic look large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

To maintain the super-model body, having a proper diet and doing exercise regularly are the two essential things. This photo was taken when Gigi Hadid just finished her regular gym sessions. Gigi Hadid seems real like wearing sunglasses as this accessory is often seen associating with the Victoria Secret’s angel when she goes out. Although the sunglasses are cover almost the face, it still cannot trammel Gigi’s natural beauty from shining. The neatly top knot hairstyle is a smart choice for both achieving a modern look and more convenient while doing exercise.

[7] No-makeup selfie

No makeup selfie large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

Gigi Hadid has never been afraid of showing off her inborn visual, even in a close-up selfie like this. Not mature and classy like when wearing makeup, Gigi without cosmetics looks innocent and appealing in a particular way. The bare face with no powders, lipsticks, or eyeliner, etc. is a perfect background highlighting the deep fade green eyes, making people can’t help but getting caught in those eyes. The long beachy wavy blonde hair left loose down freely emphasizes, even more, her gentle feminine features. Such a beautiful woman.

[8] The sneak peek

The sneak peek large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

[9] Bathing

Bathing large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

[10] With and without makeup

With and without makeup 9ee81013 ed99 4ddf af64 2da4c20ae21e large - 10 Stunning Pictures Of Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

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