10 Tips Styling Bob Hairstyle From Celebrities

Bob hairstyle is not only suitable for most face’s shape but also vary in texture. You will have a new physical attractiveness when you style this hairstyle. But first, you must prefer some ways below before choosing the most suitable bob hairstyle for you.

Hailey baldwin

To get floated hairstyle as Hailey Baldwin, you need a curling machine and a little bit gel to style crease.

Tip: you should style one side part to be more attractive and gorgeous.

Dua lipa

Dua lipa
Dua lipa

Perhaps a short hairstyle is created for only Dua Lipa. Although she styled lots of short hairstyles she is definitely suitable with jet back color bob hairstyle. The hairstyle which is styled one side part and tie clearly helps her face brighter. When she mixes up with a pair of striking eye earing, everything is so perfect.

Charlize theron

Charlize appeared at Golden Globe Event 2019 with a new physical attractiveness because of her outstanding hairstyle which was made by hair maker Adir Abergel.

She styles braiding hairstyle one side and another is styled floated ruffle hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle helps her face shape in an impressive attractive way.

Kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner is called that “gecko” because she changes into her style in a “fast and furious” way. However, the hairstyle which is dyed platinum color and cut down at shoulder length is the most suitable hairstyle for her.

Lucy hale

Actress, a singer from America Lucy Hale is totally suitable for the middle part hairstyle which is hidden clearly behind her ears.

Alexa chung

Her gorgeous appearance is so suitable with natural floated curls.

Emma roberts

Emma totally stands out with a shoulder-length hairstyle. She is so sophisticated when mixing up with a tiny clip one side.

Vanessa hudgens

You are both “rebel” and attractive? You must try a hairstyle like Vanessa. Short hair which is curled inside your face shape, you will definitely make a strong impression on other’s looks.

Julianne hough

She is so young with a shoulder-length hairstyle. When styling this hairstyle, you must use hair rollers to keep its crease and help your face’s shape be well-proportioned.

Olivia culpo

Her appearance is boosted by this elegant bob hairstyle. She used a little bit of gel for her bang and keep stay-in-place by a clip. The hairstyle which is sleek and glossy makes her so characteristic and luxurious.

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