11 Beautiful Hairstyles That Suit To Mix With Your Sweater This Cold Season

These are great hairstyling tips to help you “elevate” your warm sweater.

Winter, the season of the large, warm sweater is coming very close. If in the summer, all you want to do with your hair is to grab it all for cool, the winter is an opportunity for us to explore a series of beautiful hairstyles. So have you ever wondered which hairstyle would be the most beautiful, best suited to wear along with a sweater? Here are 11 hairstyles for winter that ensure a romantic, beautiful, and feminine yet absolutely easy-to-do hairstyle that you necessarily need to wear with these soft, warm winter sweaters.


[1] Messy half-up-half-down



The familiar half-tied hairstyle can become more sparkling and romantic when you gently curl the entire hair a little, messing up the hair on the top of your head and creating a messy half-tied hairstyle. This girly hairstyle is extremely suitable for wearing with large, warm chunky sweaters.

[2] Messy braided hair

If you always feel the traditional braid hairstyle has rigid hardware, this winter is an ideal opportunity for you to try the super simple but sparkling messy braid hairstyle. The messy hair above is combined with a few loose strands of braids hanging like a natural accessory to combine with a soft, feminine sweater.

[3] Crown plaited hair

When you have long fabulous hair, do not miss the opportunity to wear a braided and romantic hairstyle. Depending on your preference, you can style a single crown or double crown, both extremely beautiful and suitable for gout with a turtleneck sweater.

[4] Messy bun hair

Messy buns are one of the few hairstyles that are both suitable to wear in the summer and mix with winter days. The messy high bun with natural loose hair combined with the warm ruffled sweater creates a lovely, youthful and vibrant overall.

[5] Hair “hidden” in the collar

The hairstyle “hidden” in the sweater collar that everyone has unknowingly now becomes a “nail” trend of the winter. This hairstyle is inherently liberal, natural “no need to try” so you do not need to freak out about the styling, just mess a little to create volume for the hair only.

[6] Low ponytail with velvet bow

The low ponytail with the highlight is a velvet bow with bold colors of autumn and winter, typically wine red, which can make any simple outfit with a sweater become super dreamy and romantic.

[7] “Just wakes up” hairstyle

In case you love the liberal style, naturally mixed with a little sexy, nothing is more appropriate than this messy hairstyle, which is often funnily called “hairstyle when just out of bed”. To get this naturally beautiful hairstyle, you will have to rely on a large number of styling products, from dry shampoos to mousse, sprays to create a fluffy, messy effect.

[8] Curly bun hair

This winter, long-haired girls with young bangs should try the curly hair inspired by the famous hairstyle of Brigitte Bardot. When combined with a chunky turtleneck sweater, what you get will be feminine, soft and elegant appearance.

[9] Soft curly long hair with a beanie

Sweater and beanie are the indispensable items to help you against the cold weather in the winter. Then there’s no reason not to combine these two. Wearing a cute beanie over your long, feminine hair, which was added some soft curls, would definitely be a great way to increase your femininity and charm.

[10] Long floating hair

Sometimes without any complicated styling, simplicity works best. Long hair, added some layer cut at the ends, letting go naturally in the winter breeze not only helps to bring a feminine look but also helps you to prevent the cold breeze blowing in your face, which also partly helps you feel warmer.

[11] Low half-bun

Gathering all the hair and wrapping it into a low half-bun while pulling out the topper hair a bit for a more natural look is definitely one of the best ways to wear with your sweater, bringing you an elegant and sweet look in the winter.

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