14 Flawless Moments Of Jennifer Lawrence No Makeup That Will Definitely Stun You!

Take a look at these stunning pictures of Jennifer Lawrence without makeup and you will know what is called stunning natural beauty!

Who is Jennifer Lawrence?

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, on August 15, 1990, Jennifer Lawrence is a versatile actress who is best known for her roles in ‘Winter’s Bone’, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘X-men’, and ‘Joy’. With all the talent, passion, as well as the enthusiasm for the job, the actress won an Oscar for her character in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’.

As one of the most popular names in the Hollywood world right now, Jennifer Lawrence, from the time she appeared, this woman has been stunning all the audience who have the chance to meet her in real life or just only see her behind the TV screen. Her shining beauty and sophisticated performances have been easily left a deep impression on others. People love the glamorous appearance of Lawrence on formal occasions with luxurious dresses and the complicated makeup layers. However, there are also a lot of people seem to like her without makeup on, while enjoying some casual time as they spot her in the streets, shops, airports, etc.

This article is written to appreciate the inborn beauty of Jennifer Lawrence underneath the heavy makeup layers. Well, actually she isn’t kind of celebrity who obsessed with powder and lipstick as it’s rare to see Jennifer with exaggerating and striking makeup, however, it’s still better to discover her natural fresh beauty through following pictures where she is enjoying her casual time with the totally makeup-free face.

[1] On the way go to work

On the way go to work large

Jennifer was spotted while on the way going to work as she still in her casual style with a basic grey shirt and the pretty face in sporting no cosmetic on it. The morning sunlight shining makes her seem a bit blinding, however for us, the ones who are looking at her in this picture, we are not affected by the sunlight but dazzled by this woman spotless fresh beauty. The sun apparently is just an accessory to accentuate her flawless skin, soft and smooth. The blonde layered haircut is also not styled in any sophisticated styles and only left loosen down freely, giving a feeling of closeness just like a girl next door, not a Hollywood big star.

[2] Fresh beauty

Fresh beauty large

This close-up shows us even more clearly how perfect Jennifer’s skin is. Despite having frequent contact with cosmetics, it’s amazing that her skin still maintains a plump and smooth appearance. We all know that this great result is due in part to the excellent skincare methods of the actress, however, we also cannot deny that this is also thanks to her innate beauty. The Oscar winner, at this moment, with the totally bared face and the blonde hair is just randomly wrapped back into a low ponytail with two loosen side bangs, looks nothing like a superstar but a lovely college student. If your university has such a pretty girl, would you be brave to get acquainted?

[3] Fancy airport fashion

Fancy airport fashion large

This time the Hollywood superstar was spotted at the airport looking fashionable even without makeup. Still opting for a minimal style with a basic white tank top paired with blue jeans. The highlight here is the luxurious black bag with the same color sunglasses, which bring her fanciness look. The beachy wavy blonde hair is left loosen free down enhancing femininity yet super stylishness.

[4] Walking on the street

Walking on the street large

The Oscar-winning actress was spotted enjoying her casual time walking on the street. The fashion choice still associates with the idiosyncratic style as usual and the face is still totally makeup-free. The famous actress is never afraid of showing off her real look to the public, well, with all that natural beauty and charisma, there’s no reason for her to be afraid of. Jennifer looks fresh and radiant even without the support from beauty products, the brunette hair is naturally let loose to freely fly in the autumn wind, giving her a girly and appealing look.

[5] Beauty in white

Beauty in white large

Jennifer looks like she’s gained some weight in this photo but even this also cannot prevent the actress from confidently showing off her perfect bare face. Lawrence is a successful actress who has millions of fans around the world, meanwhile, she’s also a young lady who likes to meet up with friends and has a lot of girly hobbies like us. We can see such a close Jennifer in this picture as she sports a simple oversized white t-shirt and the face doesn’t have a sign of makeup. The hair was dyed black and curled into the deep wavy texture to serve for filming. For many people, this hairstyle is considered as a picky style as this can make you look a few years older without noticing but with Jennifer Lawrence, she can easily pull off this hairstyle (even without makeup!).

It is definitely not too much when spending the most winged compliments to talk about Jennifer Lawrence’s natural beauty. Here are some more pictures of this genius actress without makeup.

Jennifer Lawrence no makeup large


Jennifer Lawrence with no makeup large

Jennifer Lawrence makeup free large

Jennifer Lawrence without makeup large

lawrence no makeup large

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