16 Most Stunning Blonde Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone and Style

Have you ever heard the saying that “blondes have more fun”? Yes, blonde hair has its own appeal that is hard to deny, but it can be boring if you stick to a blonde shade all the time. Whether you are interested in going blonde or you’re already a blonde, you’ll be amazed by the vast spectrum of blonde shades. So now, let’s check out the various blonde hair colors that suit all types of skin tones and styles!


Different Blonde Hair Colors

1. ‘90s blonde

What if you are wondering between a warm honey and a cool ash blonde shade? Go for ‘90s blonde hair as it is the best of both worlds! Soft, vivid and bright, this blonde shade is a classic that has been back in trend recently. Many stars, including Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid, just to name a few, have debuted this very “buttery” hair color!

‘90s blonde

2. Pearl blonde

Resembling the glow of a pearl, pearl blonde is probably the shimmeriest hair color you can find. It boasts soft, cool tones and hints of silver, platinum, and pale yellow for a really eye-catching shade. Among different colors of blonde hair, go for pearl blonde and you’ll stand out from the crowd with the shimmering luminosity.

Pearl blonde

3. Caramel blonde

If light blonde hair colors are not your cup of tea, let’s try blonde hair with a warmer tone. Caramel blonde is exactly what you need! It is one of the sexiest blonde hair colors that flatters medium to dark warm or neutral skin tones.

Caramel blonde

4. Bronde

Mix “brown” and “blonde” together, and voilà, we get “bronde”! This hair color is somewhere beautiful between the warmth of a brunette and the radiance of a blonde. Bronde hair is perfect all year round and low-maintenance, so why don’t you give it a try?


5. Sandy blonde

Another mix of warm and cool tones you should try is sandy blonde hair. It is one of the beige blonde hair colors that flatters fair to medium skin complexions.

Sandy blonde

6. Honey blonde

Falling somewhere between a caramel shade and a buttery hue, honey blonde hair adds both depth and shine to your locks. If you have a dark complexion, you would want to experiment with this blonde shade as it helps make your skin appear more luminous and vibrant.

Honey blonde

7. Golden blonde

Golden blonde is a beautiful mixture of honey, gold and buttery tones. This hair color is a popular choice as it adds shine, dimension and brightness to any look, no matter what skin tone.

Golden blonde

8. Icy blonde

For a head-turning statement, you can’t go wrong with icy blonde hair. Boasting the coolest tone among different blonde hair colors 2023, icy blonde hair will brighten up your face and add a touch of youthfulness and sophistication to your look. The good news is this edgy hair color works well on any skin tone, so don’t hesitate to make a bold change!

Icy blonde

9. Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde is a stunning reddish-blonde shade that perfectly combines golden blonde and light red tones. It complements a variety of skin tones and eye colors, creating a lovely, sweet look.

Strawberry blonde

10. Creamy blonde

Neither too dark nor bright, creamy blonde hair is soft with a slightly warm or neutral undertone, resembling the creamy color of milk. The subtle, pale appearance with hints of ivory and light golden tones makes this hair color stunning. It gives off a sophisticated and elegant vibe for all skin tones.

Creamy blonde

Lowlight And Highlight Colors For Blonde Hair

Blonde hair colors seem to open endless options, as you can add highlights and lowlights for even more amazing shades. Let’s check out!

1. Honey blonde with caramel lowlights

Honey blonde is already a sexy hair color, and now it becomes more eye-catching with the depth, shine and dimension added by caramel lowlights. The blend of these two shades can complement a variety of skin tones, offering a soft and radiant look.

Honey blonde with caramel lowlights

2. Blonde with rose gold highlights

Sophisticatedly blended into classic blonde hair, rose gold highlights add a touch of rosy-pink radiance for a trendy and soft look. You’ll definitely look younger and more feminine when rocking this hair color.

Blonde with rose gold highlights

3. Ash blonde with milk chocolate lowlights

Ash blonde is a super chic hair color itself, but by adding milk chocolate lowlights, you’ll have a more natural and balanced appearance. The lowlights help add depth and richness to the otherwise totally cool-toned look.

macsarahair- Ash-blonde-with-milk-chocolate-lowlights
Ash blonde with milk chocolate lowlights

4. Blonde hair with platinum highlights

Instead of going for a platinum hair color, adding platinum highlights to a blonde base is a good idea to get a lovely sun-kissed effect. This combination results in a dynamic, multi-dimensional appearance that speaks volume for a fashionista!

Blonde hair with platinum highlights

5. Icy blonde with brunette lowlights

The contrast between a cool-toned base and rich, deep brunette lowlights creates a striking and high-impact look. This is such a sophisticated and edgy style, right?

Icy blonde with brunette lowlights

6. Icy blonde with blue highlights

Adding a pop of color to your blonde hair will bring you much fun. In this case, we recommend blue highlights for those looking for a mermaid vibe. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd with this soft yet vibrant look!

Icy blonde with blue highlights


Blonde is known to be the most sought-after hair color, and there are good reasons for it! With a wide range of blonde hair colors, you’ll never get bored of experimenting with new shades.

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