How To Do Hair For Party In 10 Minutes

Check out the easy-to-make hairstyles but no less lovely to shorten the preparation time for the upcoming parties!

It’s time to welcome the festival season and holiday of the year. At those times, you have to take the time to shop, cook, clean the house and not everyone has enough time to prepare for themselves before going to parties, right? That also means you have very little time to create a perfect party hairstyle.

That’s why you need the idea for simple, rustic but equally luxurious and sparkling hairstyles to shine at the party. And the most important thing is that you can complete the hairstyle in just 10 minutes.

How To Do Hair For Party In 10 Minutes large - How To Do Hair For Party In 10 Minutes To get a perfect last-minute party hairdo, a ribbon is the best assistant. Take ¼ ribbon and tie loosely around your neck like a choker, then tie around your ponytail. Not only does it evoke sophistication and elegance, but you can also use the ribbon as a versatile accessory. Moreover, a silky ponytail is always a great choice for your event or party.

perfect last minute party hairdo large - How To Do Hair For Party In 10 Minutes

The key to how to style variously your hair is to add accessories. It not only helps you shine brightly in the party but is also a great suggestion to raise the level of simple hair every day. A ponytail needs to be fitted with a sparkling accessory above, or you can also try to attach a diamond row along the hair to create a more striking effect.

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During the festival seasons, consider changing your bun with a flamboyant lower style. All you need to do is overlap the two pieces of hair and attach the crown to the top. You can do the same for a ponytail. It was to split the hair into two equal parts, tie a high ponytail on top of the remaining ponytail, and tie it together with an elastic band. Then tie another elastic band at the bottom of the ponytail, about two inches from each column above and continue like that until the end of the hair.

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If you own natural and gorgeous hair on that day, the most important thing is to highlight your hair. This is a unique curly hairstyle based on the classic headband style. You can create distinct accents with some kind of elastic headband and then tie them to the hair. Or blend this super-sparkling headband into wavy hair or curly hair. For straight hair, style or use a hair spray to keep it in a place so you can fix the crown or accessories into the hair to avoid the risk of falling.

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MACSARA recommends some other hairdos that make you look spectacular when going to events.

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Take small curls from both sides, twist and secure with a small rubber band on the back of the head. Take a lock of hair from the usual, braid and twist the braided hair around the knot and fix it with a small clip, remember the clip in the hair.

party hairstyle with bun large - How To Do Hair For Party In 10 Minutes

Take two small curls from both sides and start to braid. Get all your hair covered, including the part that has just been plaited and tied with an elastic band. Use the hair that has just been wrapped around the tie to wrap all your hair into a bun and fix it.

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Tie half of the above hair in a ponytail. Put a hair bun like in the picture and wrap your hair around it. Fix the hair wrapped with a roll. Take a small lock of hair under the usual bun and plaits. Twisting just around the bun and you’ve got a gorgeous hairstyle!

If you’re still wondering, choose a classic tufted hairstyle with any style you want, such as a high bun, low or braided hair. You should also add hair accessories for a simple low bun or spend a part of long hair, tie the fishtail and wrap it around the bun to bring a new, eye-catching feeling to you when attending the party.

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Another useful assistant for you is hair extensions. As you know, nowadays, these types of hair are more and more popular around the world. There is a wide range of high-quality hair extensions that are not harmful to your health. For instance, Clip-in hair extension is so easy to apply as well as remove quickly. You also style this kind of hair before using it if you have no time to create a beautiful hairdo. With MACSARA hair products, you will have a dream party hairstyle within 10 minutes.