18 Best Marion Cotillard Hairstyles

It is said that Marion Cotillard’s great performance in the film La Vie en Rose. She is famous for roles in the films and the numbers of her magazine covers. Her natural beauty is extremely adored by netizens. She is a fashionista and the clothes she combines are extremely attractive. Marion Cotillard hairstyles are so pretty and stylish that her hairdo can give us some ideas about creating new hair. Let with MACSARA to learn about Marion Cotillard’s unique hairstyles.

1. Marion Cotillard Short Hair: Retro Side Swept Curls

The curly bangs of Marion Cotillard are great for any event. If you have medium length or short curls, it is good for you to style the haircut. You just need to pull the hair to one side and make a long curly side. However, you need to apply a gel to keep the curls hair no tangle.

2. Elegant Chignon

Marion Cotillard chooses an elegant chignon at the Elle Women in Hollywood celebration. The hairstyle is suitable for both short and long hair. It is a glamorous center-parted chignon that elongates her neck and shows off her natural beauty.

3. Twisted Bun for Party

Marion Cotillard completes her embroidery dress with a twisted bun on the top head. The hair makes her pretty face and looks at her charm in the white dress.

4. Dark Beehive

Have you ever think that dark hair is ugly? Oh, it’s not true. Marion Cotillard chooses her long dark hair at a premiere. All the curls are twisted into a super chic beehive look.

5. Romantic Beehive

Marion Cotillard chooses the beehive hairdo again, but she styles it differently when she appeared in the premiere. The hair is a romantic bun that stands out for her skin-tone.

6. Retro Updo with Deep Side Part

Marion Cotillard brown hair looks so glamor. She keeps a classic beauty with an auburn up-do. The hair has twisted bun with flip bangs making her face more pretty. You can choose the red lipsticks like Marion Cotillard when you try out this hairstyle.

7. Great Bun

Marion Cotillard seems so gorgeous in this great bun hairstyle with silver accessory. We can see that she is extremely sweet in this hairdo. This hair is a pretty hairstyle for those who have long hair because it’s versatile.

8. Brown Wavy Haircut

Marion Cotillard shows off her wavy bob hairstyle at a premiere. She styles the voluminous curls into the beehive-like bob. To recreate the hair you can have your hair curled and prepared the hairspray.

9. Braided Updo

Marion Cotillard creates her long hair in a braided updo. If you have thick hair, you can try this hair. You just need braids at both sides and pin them up in the right place. You can add some accessories to the hair according to different events.

10. Funny Knots

Marion Cotillard’s knot hair is amazing. The hair is styled in a bow like a knot with cut out bangs. To recreate this hair, you may ask for your hairdresser’s help.

11. Pinned Up Ringlets

She keeps a vintage look by pinning up her curly locks. She pushed her bangs back and reveals her forehead to an outstanding face.

12. Sleek Bob

Marion Cotillard has her long hair done in the sleek bob with a side part that is tucked behind the ears for the red carpet look. The retro luxurious curls fall on her shoulder and work well with her pinky make-up.

13. Sweet Bob

She is sexy and we think she knows it. We can see, her cocoa brown hair is alluring. This sweet bob hairstyle increases her beauty.

14. Curls with Knots

Marion Cotillard’s knot hairstyle brings to her a sweet and chic look. She makes the lovely knots leaving loads of curls, flowing over the shoulders. This hairstyle makes her look like a fairy in a fairy tale.

15. Ponytail with Center Part

She looks so young with a simple ponytail with a center part. If you have long curly hair, you can just pull up the hair and secure a ponytail like Marion Cotillard.

16. Curls with Coiff Bangs

Marion Cotillard’s mid-length curly hair is not a common wavy normal. She skillfully creates the bangs for the sleek curls. If you want to mimic this hair, you can do it but let notice the shape of the hair by applying hair spray gel.

17. Straight Hair

Though the straight bob is a simple hair, Marion Cotillard is still bright and chic in this center-parted hair. She keeps a feminine look with even straight hair in a parting side. Any girl can copy this hair in a different color and length.

18. Curly Hair

Marion Cotillard has a floating hair for her look. The hair is in deep brown highlights that add colors to the face. Also, it brings to the look perfectly. She sweeps hair to one side that creates her gorgeous hair look. You can buy 18 inch clip in hair for curly hair like her at MACSARA.

Above are the 18 best of Marion Cotillard hairstyles. We hope that you enjoy this article. Subscribe to MACSARA daily to read much other beauty news!