20+ Best Hairstyles of David Beckham

Known as one of the most famous football players in history and an icon of modern fashion, David Beckham hairstyles are always admired by men all around the world. Not only has the talent on the football ground but he is also famous for his diversification in style. David Beckham never hesitates at challenging himself with different hairstyles but none of them can reduce his attractiveness. However, there still is a general formula for all Beckham’s haircuts, that’s the manliness, stylish and sexy.

Let’s scroll through some hairstyles associated with the “David Beckham” brand.

Beckham’s long hair- the 90s

We will start from the 90s when David Beckham was still a rising star in the football world. The young star chose for himself a very trendy hairstyle at that time, shorter around the sides with floppy, long locks and top middle-parted.

David Beckham in a bang

Not many men have the courage to try out a side bang and that could be a terrible decision if your bang was gone wrong. But for Beckham, this hairdo didn’t seem to change much about his looks and he even exuded a glamorous and romantic look. He didn’t look like a soccer player but a famous movie star.

The Buzz Cut

His fans expressed their satisfaction with this new short hairstyle of David Beckham. This hairdo is simple, sexy and perfectly suitable for Beckham’s face shape. If you have a square face like David Beckham, the Buzz Cut is absolutely the wonderful haircut for you to try.

The Mohawk

Clearly, with a person that enjoys challenges and transformations like David Beckham, the buzz cut was too plain for his taste. This time he decided to try out the Mohawk style and added some highlight on his own. Not like the traditional Mohawk, the British soccer star shaved completely both sides of the head to highlight the short, thin and spiked strip of hair in the center.


This was the first time David Beckham has dyed his hair. He looked even more handsome in a platinum blonde look with some shaggyspiky hair and a slight goatee.

Long hair with headband

After a year associated with the blonde hair, Beckham decided to switch his hairstyle again with an ear-length look. The platinum blonde color was faded out naturally but there were still some golden strands admixed in his light brown color. He also used a headband to keep all his hair pushed back in the field.

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The Cornrows

Although this is one of the most famous hairstyles of David Beckham, the British soccer star only had them for a short period of time since later he admitted that he looked ridiculous with that hairstyle.

David Beckham’s men bun

Next was his famous men bun. Due to the flexibility of his long hair, Beckham would sometime rock a traditional top knot bun, which differs from today’s men bun trend that features a high fade.

The Shaggy Hairstyle

Buzz Cut and Full Beard

Beckham was back with his Buzz Cut but this time he appeared with a full thick beard. This hairstyle suited him well and gave the British star a tough and strong look.

Unkempt, Long Hair

At the end of his career, even his hair looked a little worn out: a mullet in the back and messy hair in the middle.

Short Sides and Long Top

David Beckham finally ended his soccer career with his most famous hairstyle, associated with the “David Beckham” brand until now. In 2013, he opted for a tidy, retro-style short haircut with an edgy side part and a classy quiff in the front.

The Pompadour

It can be said that David Beckham is the one who contributed to creating the name of this hairstyle. Not too brilliant or outstanding, the classic Pompadour is lightly and dedicate. Thus, this hairstyle is suitable for all ages.

The Undercut

The undercut is one of the most luxurious hairstyles of David Beckham. The perfect combination of this haircut with a full beard brings a manly look that can capture all eyes.

To sum up, it is not difficult to see why all of David Beckham hairstyles are so popular among men. Not only they are all amazingly well put together but they also offer a board variety for all personalities and tastes. How about you, have you ever try to refresh yourself with different hairstyles like this? Let MACSARA know by leaving your comments in the comment section below.