2019 Best Festival Hairstyles

When the Coachella FOMO gets so close it means that festival time just comes around.  At that time we need to immediately switch up our festival hairstyles and try new things to be stand out and rock the stage. Go around the Pinterest board and get the festival hairstyle that you could ever need. Needless to say, on music festivals the perfect outfits and hairstyles should take n into consideration apart from the music. You won’t get the ticket from Coachella music festivals?  There are a ton of other festivals that let you create special and eye-catching hairstyles to be cool. Keep scrolling down and open your eyes to some of the most unique festival hairstyles ever.

Double Dutch braids

Double Dutch braids
Double Dutch braids

These double Dutch braids are always trendy year-round. This braid hairstyle is perfect for music festivals since it is not only versatile, does not move when you are dancing during hot, dry, and dusty conditions, you can create into a triple or quadruple variation. An interesting tip for you to get a heartless wave in the morning, all you need to do is sleeping with your own braids which is another option for the next day of the festival.

Double bubble pigtail

The festival will be more exciting with the playful and girly vibe that this hairstyle creates. A secret of this hairstyle is that it can work better on the second day and easier to make when the hair in a second unwashed day. Also, this is absolutely suitable for a festival season since you use dry shampoo almost the week. If you are afraid that this hairstyle cannot work for short hair, don’t worry, MACSARA will give you our best match for your natural black hair.

Hair clips

You can get out of home and enjoy the music time with a friend just by wearing hair clips still make you stand out of the crowd. From catwalk shows, Instagram ladies and celebrities that you can see one of the hottest hair accessories are hair clips which can be worn with different variations in different situations.   Using bobby pins as the alternative solution also get the same results if you don’t have hair clips.

Bohemian, textured waves

Boho waves are absolutely instantly festival-worthy with little to no effort. The textured waves with little messy also give off “I woke up like this” vibe and sexy look. This hairstyle is one of the most favorite ones in festivals, where everyone is fully immersed in music. This hairstyle works well with mid-length hair, then if you have short hair, all you need to do is add MACSARA hair extensions to create volume and length.

These are some of the most common hairstyles that you can easily catch sight of in music festivals. Hope that you can get some inspiration from them. Keep following MACSARA to know more information about hair and our hair extensions products.