2019 Governors Awards: Celebrities Hairstyles

It may not have been the award season yet, but we saw Dakota Johnson and Jennifer Lopez with so many other stars on the red carpet fashions at the Governors Awards 2019 in Los Angeles. All the celebrities hairstyles made standout the event in a series of gorgeous dresses. Let’s scroll down to explore all the Celebrities hairstyles in the night Governors Awards 2019.

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The Governor’s Award is one of the top events in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This event honors some of the best people in the film. Besides, it like most high-end awards ceremonies and there are lots of fabulous celebrity fashions.

Jennifer Lopez

On October 27 (local time), the Governor’s Awards ceremony takes place every year in Los Angeles (USA). Gather many familiar faces of the film industry that featured in the outstanding cast attending the event was Jennifer Lopez. The appearance of Jennifer Lopez and a bright yellow bra cup dress with unique hairstyles which she becomes the focal point of the media lens. At the age of 50, she made many young stars admired by the youthful and seductive beauty.

J.Lo changed her golden brown hair in a plaited bun and added silver jewelry to stand out more. With the bow tie on the back of the dress showed off the sexy bare shoulders that is a masterpiece of Reem Acra. Besides, Jennifer Lopez paired with a wallet from the Tyler Ellis brand.

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This is an extremely luxurious noble combination.

Not only Jennifer Lopez, but the awards ceremony also had the appearance of famous beauties like Charlize Theron, Dakota Johnson or Scarlett Johansson, Constance Wu, etc. The return of the stars such as Sophia Loren, Meg Ryan or Renée Zellweger also increases the excitement at the Governors Awards 2019 event.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson was as gorgeous as a goddess with a bold cut dress. Brandon Maxwell’s slender skirt design helps the star “50 shades” to show off her sexy chest with a slim waist. Her beauty and physique are more and more compliments. The white dress with long dark brown hair and twinkle gentle earrings made her utmost attractive.

macsara Dakota Johnson large - 2019 Governors Awards: Celebrities Hairstyles

Her white dress is reminiscent of a glamorous bridal dress

Constance Wu

Constance Wu is a rare Asian beauty who presented at the Governors Awards. The star of the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” in the purple sweet pastel chest cup dress of Oscar de la Renta. She has received praise from people when appearing in this dress. This is the soft and gentle outfit flattering the sexy. The black bob hair characteristic of Asia with glitter silver purse made her classy and seductive.

macsara Constance Wu large - 2019 Governors Awards: Celebrities Hairstyles

She was like a Lavender flower in this purple dress.


Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart also loved the design of Oscar de la Renta. She chose a bright yellow dress that split to the thighs and skillfully showed off her beautiful body. At the event, Lili chose the blonde curly hair combined with enticing make-up. She looks like a brilliant sunflower. Do you like her hairstyle? There are many wavy blonde hairstyles that are identical to Lili Reinhart at MACSARA. It brings to feels like using real hair because it is made entirely from human hair with high-quality. You can choose 16-inch weave hair or some other lengths on our website.

macsara Lili Reinhart large - 2019 Governors Awards: Celebrities Hairstyles

The bright yellow maxi dress helped Lili stand out on the red carpet

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson also loved the gold trend at the event. With Celine’s outfit, the upper flap deviated in combination with the black color on the bottom that was a great incorporate. The skirt cut behind to help her show off the slender smooth back. The appropriate dark brown bun hair increased her elegance and charm. This hairstyle also displayed her personality rose tattoos.

macsara Scarlett Johansson large - 2019 Governors Awards: Celebrities Hairstyles

macsara Scarlett Johansson and tatoo large - 2019 Governors Awards: Celebrities Hairstyles

The metallic gold dress was cleverly cut and the skirt split to show off all her figure.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is timeless in the black and white design outfit of Tom Ford that looks unique. The impressive pixie blonde hair makes the actress even more fascinating. The color accessories are simple but still create special highlights.

macsara Charlize Theron 4f03255f 7fa1 41c4 8670 e69bdb903f44 large - 2019 Governors Awards: Celebrities Hairstyles

Although she is 44 years old, she still looks young and attracts all eyes

Kate Mara

Kate Mara and her husband attended the event after welcoming a daughter a few months ago. She regained her physique fast and her beauty is still amazing. In her bold black lace outfit, she easily showed off her whole body. With silky straight short brown hair, it made her skin stand out more. This hairstyle seems to suit her face totally.

macsara Kate Mara large - 2019 Governors Awards: Celebrities Hairstyles

Through this event, we see some awesome celebrities hairstyles and fashion of the world’s top designers. Everyone is really beautiful and outstanding on expensive items. If you find the interesting thing of this article, update MACSARA regularly to read the latest news!