2019 VMAs With Different Hairstyles

On the red carpet of the MTV Music Video Awards (VMAs) in 2019, famous stars in the world not only stand out with trendy costumes but also attract the public’s attention with makeup styles and unique hairdos.

What makeup and hairstyling styles are dominating the red carpet VMAs 2019? Let’s take a look at MACSARA photos of the following celebrities.

These pictures are the perfect references for you to choose the hairstyle for yourself. Try a 12-inch clip in hair to complete your hairdo.

1. Taylor Swift

The country music singer, Taylor Swift remained loyal to her classic wavy hairstyle at the red carpet of the VMAs 2019 ceremony. Her blonde hair was gently curled and naturally disturbed to create a sense of closeness to the opposite person. She chose a luxurious makeup style with bright red lipstick, eyes adorned with a bit of smoke in the eye sockets, combined with sharp eyeliner lines to create an extremely attractive overall.


2. Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello has brought the “Greek Goddess” style to the red carpet VMAs 2019 with extremely impressive hair. Hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos has used the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Treatment to create curls, the wavy curls contributed to making her extremely stylish. With a simple and gentle makeup style, and not too many colors, expert Patrick Ta has brought an elegant appearance but no less personality for Camila Cabello.

3. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid’s typical blonde hair is let loose by her but still has a highlight. She has stroked the gel standing on the roof to help look more youthful than her 26 years old. Besides, the gentle makeup style with orange tone peaching the eye area gives Gigi an attractive and extremely charming appearance.

4. Hailee Steinfeld

The young singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld appeared at the red carpet VMAs 2019 with red lips, red tone-sur-tone skirt to help her to attract a lot of media attention. Her long, chestnut long hair fluttering gently that helps her look elegant and extremely noble.

5. Zara Larsson

Pop singer Zara Larsson just came out and reminded everyone of the once-icon of the entertainment industry: Marilyn Monroe. She appeared with a sweet and gentle appearance that helped the red VMAs 2019 glow. With her outstanding


, combined with the pink of the eye shadow and a little highlight of the same color on her cheeks, she has a very unique beauty that does not mix with anyone.

6. Lizzo

Lizzo makeup in the 1960s was brought back on the red carpet VMAs this year. With black hair inspired by beehives, hairstylist Shelby Swain used Dove to harden the high bun, creating a sense of a lot of honeycomb on her head. In terms of makeup style, Lizzo used red lipstick in combination with pink eye color to help her face look radiant and extremely prominent during the VMAs 2019.

7. Bella Hadid

It seems that this year, the trend of makeup and hairdressing of the old decades is being popular in the world-famous stars. Bella Hadid is no exception, she appeared at VMAs with blonde hair and ponytail – this is one of the gentle styles that were used by beauties in the previous decade. She chose a brown makeup tone for her lips, lightly pressed the eye area with smoky colors and combined with sharp eyeliner to make her outstanding. The combination of hair and makeup makes Bella Hadid look very harmonious and attractive on the red carpet.

8. Keke Palmer

Singer Keke Palmer appeared at the red carpet VMAs 2019 with black hair and was neatly tied up by professional hairstylist Ann Jones. Her makeup style stands out thanks to the combination of two metallic colors, gold, and black in the eye shadow area, a little lip gloss on the lips to help her look very luxurious and opulent.

9. Adriana Lima

If you are too bored with the current style, try this style of beauty of this girl. She appeared with wavy black hair but special with wet hair. This style is often found in famous fashion catwalks around the world. With natural makeup and not too picky, focusing mainly on the highlights on her face also helped her extremely gorgeous on the red carpet VMAs 2019.

10. Lil Kim 

Rapper Lil Kim entered the red carpet of VMAs 2019 with a purple fringed outfit with a black background. The last time she attended VMAs was in 2013. After 6 years, the voice of Can’t Hold Us Down was put on the list of bad actors at VMAs. The 43-year-old rapper appeared on the red carpet at the awards ceremony with her hair as bad as the texture on her outfit. Her high bun hair is also matching blue to the skirt she wears. The plus point is the makeup that looks full of lips.

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