30 Most Popular Hairstyles & Haircuts For Women (Part 1)

Read and find the answer to the “What is the best hairstyle (best hairstyle for me)?” question!

Women always have thousands of beauty options, from clothing styles to makeup to hair. Each of the fashion styles, depending on the personality and preferences of each person, the girls always have “headache” to choose the right outfits as well as the hairstyles so that it must be not only beautiful but also the most fashionable. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the endless selection of hair styling options and didn’t know which style to choose? Read the article below to get the best decision!

Short hairstyles for women 

Short hairstyles for women

Short Wavy Bob 

Bob hair is one of the timeless hair trends ever. It is a perfect combination of sharp but lovely, while also mixing a few masculine features just enough to create a unique and attractive appearance. If you’re fed up with the classic Bob hairstyle, try refreshing it by adding a few light waves to your hair for a trendy yet glamorous look. However, if you still want an even more impressive style, then try rocking this blunt-cut front fringe. It is unique and edgy without being too weird.

Blunt Cut

If you are struggling with your thin hair, then you will know the crave of wanting a cute pixie cut but end up leaving the salon looking like a Draco Malfoy. Don’t worry anymore because those days are over! A blunt cut is a great choice for thin-haired girls but still, want to try edgy short hairstyles. This hairstyle not only helps frame the face and highlights the contours of the face, but they also help to bring out a very trendy and attractive appearance. Not to mention the combination of masculine features in today’s fashion for women is also a very popular trend, and this hairstyle is one of the clearest evidence for it. If you want to add a bit of femininity to your hair, combine with the use of some accessories like texture earrings or flowy dresses.

Low Bun

Messy hairstyles have never been so luxurious and popular like this. There is such a hairstyle, which makes every female bewitched and irresistible to its charm, even for the most fastidious people, is the “messy low bun“. Graceful, gentle but extremely luxurious and elegant – this style is the solution for those short-haired girls who may have difficulty while creating high buns. This hairdo is as simple as high bun while also make your tresses look fuller. Just gather your hair at the back and twist it to make a low bun. If you have bangs, leave them to fall down freely across the face, or pull a few strands out framing your face and behind your ears for a softer and more elegant appearance.

Straight Blunt Bob

Who says you need long tresses to achieve the as iconic looks as Hollywood superstars? The short, straight hair with a middle part, which is one of the most popular hairstyles of all time, will be a great option for girls with short hair. Especially, when you mix up the classic 90s style with a blunt bob and a platinum blonde shade, the result will turn out beyond your expectations! This haircut is not only striking and flattering but also very stylish and fancy! A deep purple or red lipstick with heavy eye makeup may be the right makeup style to associate with this hairstyle for a more dramatic look.

Pixie Cut

Going short can be very daunting for women with thick hair. When it goes wrong, it goes very very wrong (we’ve all had those awkward bowl looking haircuts). For those having thick hair, the key to nailing short styles is to create lots of layers and texture. Avoid blunt cuts as this style will add bulk to your hair. Instead go for a layered, textured pixie cut. The layers will take some the weight out of your luscious locks allowing them to sit and flow with ease.


A few sexy twists are a great way to switch up your cropped hairstyle. Not only bring you a super impressive and unique look but it will also protect your tresses too. The twists do not require any additional styling and will let your hair rest and repair itself from damages sustained from coloring, heat styling, etc.

Blunt Bob with Bangs

There are a few of you who may think that short hair is not diverse enough to unleash your creativity and style into different styles. I bet you will have to change your mind after reading this post! Here is another way to transform your short mane. Bangs are cute, and short hair is here to stay, so why don’t you combine these two biggest hair trends from recent years? Simple and easy to style, bangs also requires very little maintenance, other than the occasional trim. Bangs are also a great option for those who have a big face because they will help frame your face and create an illusion of having a smaller face.

Short Thin Hair

From bobs to pixie cuts, faux hawks, asymmetric styles, undercuts, and everything in between, short cuts were always made for thin hair. That’s when they’re styled right of course. A short cut is one of the best ways to not only create the illusion of thickness but also, to allow your hair to thicken up naturally. With regular trims and less styling, your hair will become healthier. Therefore, it will begin to grow much faster and thicken up on its own over time.

Short Thick Hair

You may be hesitant to partake in the short hair trend if you are blessed with naturally thick hair. However, that doesn’t mean that thick-haired girl cannot rock short hairstyles. If styled properly, your short thick mane still can look magical. Making the chop can also be a great way to take some weight out of your locks for the summer months. Ladies with thick hair can rock anything from short pixie cuts to bobs, with choppy layersfront fridges or side sweeping bangs. The key to short, thick hair is texture. So make sure to add a few layers to keep your hair light and sitting nicely.

Short Curly Hair

Another creative way to refresh your short mane! From pin-curled pixie cuts and bouncy bobs, the styling opportunities for short curly hair are truly versatile.

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