30 Most Popular Hairstyles & Haircuts For Women (Part 2)

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Medium Hairstyles for Women

90s Middle-Parted Ponytail 

Imitating the charisma of celebrities has never been easier than with this hairstyle. This style is perfect for medium-length hair girls. This is because in-between hair is the easiest to pull back, and it stays more effortlessly and nicer in a ponytail than heavy long hair. To create this hairstyle, you just need to part your hair in the middle, then pull it into a low ponytail at the back, at the same time don’t forget to leave two thick strands out at the front. Rock it with 90s makeup style for a classic yet super attractive look.

Side-Parted Straight Hair

This hairstyle is very simple, but depending on how it is associated with clothing and makeup, it can give different impressions and is suitable for any occasion. Combined with luxurious dresses when attending formal events, this hairstyle will help bring a gentle but equally elegant look. And if in everyday life, this is a hairstyle suitable for office ladies because it not only provides a neat and formal appearance that is very suitable for the working environment but also ensure the modern and stylishness.

Lob with a Topknot

The lob and the topknot are truly made for each other. If the classic lob hairstyle brings femininity and grace yet modern and stylish for the ladies, then with just a small change as below, you will become even much more youthful and dynamic. Creating a topknot at the top while leaving the remaining hair loose down freely is such an easy yet effective way to diversify your usual lob. The topknot is also a way to help women, who have thinning hair or are facing baldness due to excessive hair loss, delicately cover the sparse hair section at the top of the head, restoring the previous confidence.

Asymmetrical Lob

If you want an edgy hairstyle but don’t want to cut your hair too short, this asymmetrical lob hairstyle is probably what you are looking for. This A-line style is particularly flattering and not as sharp as some other asymmetric styles. Meaning, it is easier to grow out and can still be worn in a ponytail if you have hair regrets. However, we don’t think you will have anything to worry about this on-trend and cool hairstyle.

Deep Side Part

A deep side part is a great way to diversify and give your classic lob a new trendy look. While the lob hairstyle itself is still very much a stylish style, you still can upgrade your look by simply styling your hair into a deep side part while flicking one side over. This sleek and exquisite style works well for both casual days as well as for formal outings.

Vintage Curls

Long hair has a reputation for being sexy, but even so, do not underestimate the allure of the short curls. Marilyn Monroe certainly proved it through her bobbing long curls. Think about it, how many people can resist the fascination of the sexy icons of this world? And this hairstyle is inspired by the typical hairstyle of Marilyn Monroe. Style your locks using a thick curling wand, keeping the strands flat as you wrap them around the curler. Brush your hair out to create voluminous waves and style to one side.

Lob with Blunt Bangs

In the previous part of this post, we talked about the combination of bangs and bob hairstyles, a combination that has brought a wonderful result. So there’s no reason we can’t combine lob hairstyles with blunt bangs, and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the results. If the blunt bangs are popular with many girls because of its youthful feeling, then the lob style has skyrocketed to popularity because of its laid back and easy nature. It is mature yet youthful, trendy yet timeless, and can still be easily pulled back for hot days.

Lob with Side Bangs

Another way to transform your traditional lob hairstyle is to combine it with side bangs. Feminine and extremely charming are the impressions that this style brings. Moreover, this hairstyle is also very convenient because it is easy to style and care, which is also the reason why this hairstyle is liked by many stars. This hairstyle suits almost every face shape so it is really a good choice if you are looking to change your long hair with a shorter look.

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