30 Most Popular Hairstyles & Haircuts For Women (Part 3 – END)

The last part of the series helps you decide “How to pick a hairstyle” that best suits you!

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Long Hairstyles for Women 

French Braids 

Get your long locks off your face with a pair of beautiful French Braids. This fierce look is certainly having its moment in the sun. So why not take advantage of a style that looks chic and lets you get stuff done. Rock your braids from the gym to the club, the shops and even to sleep, the French braid is versatile, stylish and easy, once you’ve mastered it.

Dutch Braids

Not to be confused with the hairstyle above, this is considered a variant of the French Braids. Still very simple to make yet look super delicate and graceful.

Half Up Half Down

If you’re fed up with simple ponytails, you can always try this half up half down style. The top knot or half ponytail or half bun is an obvious choice for many reasons. One, it looks pretty, and two, it’s an easy style for women who have long hair. This style can be worn dressy or casual and is also a great way to make it an extra day between washes.

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are a great option if you’re on the hunt for a protective style which is still fun and flirty for summer. These rope-like twists work well to bring a trendy and chic look and usually created with long hair extensions.


An up style is well worth the extra time and effort. So, don’t shy away from updos just because of your long flowing mane. Set your hair with hot rollers so that curls hold firmly in place, pull them and pin back as you like. From low rolled buns to curled up styles you can have the dreamy hairstyles of prom, no matter how long your locks.

Straight Long Hair

Sometimes you just have to keep it simple, and there is nothing chicer than smooth straight locks. To achieve this divine look, firstly you’ll want to apply a hair mask to tame any split ends or flyaways. Dry your hair thoroughly and in sections using a flat brush. Straighten your locks in sections while combing them through at the same time. Run a small amount of anti-frizz through your mid-lengths and ends and set using a small amount of hairspray, to add a slight sheen.

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are not only one of the most stunning styles in long hair, but they’re also one of the easiest to achieve. This feminine look is perfect to adorn with pretty clips and headwear for spring or to try out for summer weddings. It is also a sneaky way to style your hair when you’re in between washes.


If you’re bold and brave enough and if you are looking for a unique hairstyle to show of your strong characteristics, then you really should try this hairstyle at least once. Remember when Demi Lovato impress the whole world with her new image in this haircut? You can also become so impressed like that (of course, it won’t affect the whole world because you’re just an ordinary person)! An undercut is a great way to edge up your look without losing too much length. You can undercut your hair at the back or the sides, but we recommend one side. This badass yet feminine look features hair that is shaved at one side with remaining length flicked over in the opposite direction.

Box Braids

Similar to Senegalese TwistsBox Braids style also brings you a chic look while protecting your long strands from heat and styling damage.

Fishtail Braids

Long hair and braids are the perfect pair, and this is another way to upgrade your standard braid. The fishtail braid is stunning and surprisingly easy! First, separate your hair into two even sections. Take a small piece, about half an inch wide form the outside part and pull it over to meet the inside of the opposing section. Repeat this process on the other side and continue to complete your fishtail braid.

Have you chosen a hairstyle for you yet? If you have any other recommendations, let us know by leaving the comments below!

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