4 Best Karen Gillan Hair Colors

Hairstyles and hair color are always hot topics about celebrities. If Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj are well-known chameleons who are keen on playing with the colors of their hair, Karen Gillan seems to only be loyal to red hair. Today, MACSARA will introduce the 4 best hair colors of Karen Gillan, especially red hair.

4 Best Karen Gillan Hair Colors

First of all, we should know who Karen Gillan is.  Her full name is Karen Sheila Gillan. She is a Scottish actress and filmmaker from Inverness, Scotland. She is not only talented, pretty but also has wonderful makeup as well as gorgeous hair colors, and red hair is one of the most favorite hair colors of the star. Below are some pics Karen Gillan hair colors:

1.Red hair

As we can see, red is the most vibrant of the colors. Not many celebrities choose this color for hair in a long time. Layered red hair makes the filmmaker just as magnificent as a fiery lady. Moreover, her smoothie skin, high nose, full lips, and sharp eyebrows all combine to bring her marvelous beauty that impresses netizens so much.

 Karen Gillan Hair Colors
Karen Gillan with red hair

In the second pic, red double braids with bangs made her so cute and pretty. A French braid is one of the beautiful hairstyles that the star chooses to renew her style. Do you agree with me that Karen Gillan red hair seems to be born for the Marvel actress?

2. Blonde hair

Blonde hair is one of the most sought-after hair colors that bring women luxurious and sweet beauty. As we can see, Karen Gillan seems to like red hair. However, she used to have platinum hair which makes her look so elegant and gentle. With Karen Gillan blonde hair and hairstyle, she is really a spotlight anywhere.

 Karen Gillan Hair Colors
Karen Gillan with blonde hair

Long wavy blonde hair made her look magnificent and sweet as a princess from a fairy tale. As we can see, for without those golden strands, we might have never glimpsed perfection in our lifetime.

What an amazing hair color! Ombre blonde to pink is so stunning, lovely and attractive! The pink lipstick brings for the Scotland actress sweet beauty.

3. Dark brown hair

Being a Hollywood star, Karen Gillan always pays attention to her appearance. The constant change of hairstyle and hair color contributes to making her more fashionable in public. Although dark brown hair looks simple, it must be one of Karen Gillan hair colors that made her fans satisfied.

 Karen Gillan Hair Colors
Karen Gillan with dark brown hair

Everyone wants to have long and smoothie hair like this! This hairstyle can make the star shine with classy and noble beauty.

How beautiful Karen Gillan dark brown hair is! She seems to be sexier with smoothie wavy hair. Do you agree with me that Karen Gillan looks like a Barbie doll?

4. Light brown hair

Although red hair seems to be her signature hair color, it is impossible to forget Karen Gillan light brown hair. In this pic, Karen Gillan has a light brown pixie cut. Do you think this hairstyle is so cool and special?

Karen Gillan with light brown hair
Karen Gillan Hair Colors

After reading this post, what do you think about Karen Gillan hair colors? We can say that Karen Gillan has never failed to amaze us with her constant switching up her hairstyle and color, right?

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