4 Steps For Braiding Hair Extensions With Human Hair

Braids are considered to be the most popular hairstyles for black women since they are amazingly stylish and fashionable, easy to maintain. Especially, there are a variety of styling options such as micros, minis, freestyles, individuals, box braids that gives a great transformation for your appearance.

Each of the braids requires different kinds of extensions. Therefore for those who are considering wearing braids with sew-in hair extensions need to know how to do it beautifully and rapidly and avoid the risk of causing hair damage. You can learn from some steps that we give as follows:

Step 1: Choose the suitable hair extension

- 4 Steps For Braiding Hair Extensions With Human Hair

Choose the suitable hair extension

It is much easier for you to choose the right type of extensions if you know which braided hairstyles you desire. Make sure that you select the high-quality hair to get a gorgeous look after all. Keep in mind that when it comes to installing it, a bit curlier and coarser will attach better, be easier to handle, longer maintenance.

Step 2: Wash hair before braiding

Both your real hair and the extension must be washed clean before the braids are installed. Especially, don’t forget the deep condition step since it is a good idea to help you make it easier and save a lot of time. Moreover, you cannot wash or do anything right after with the braid in the next few days, so don’t be lazy the deep conditioner!

- 4 Steps For Braiding Hair Extensions With Human Hair

Wash hair before braiding


Shampooing and rinsing the extensions according to the guide, then divide into several one-inch-thick bundles when the hair dries. It is really needed for you to dry the hair faster and plait the same amount of hair.

Make sure that you use a heat-protecting serum before you air or blow-dry your hair. This will keep your hair extension much healthier and more beautiful.

Step 3: Part dry hair into sections

Divide it into 3 or 4 parts, from ear to ear and then from forehead to top of the forehead to nape. Keep these sections with big clips. Then start with the hair at nape first, part your lock into a smaller section about ¼ to 1 inch wide. It depends on which style you want, you have to make them smaller or larger.

Step 4: Install the Hair Extensions and Braid

- 4 Steps For Braiding Hair Extensions With Human Hair

Install the Hair Extensions and Braid

When braiding you should pinch off enough extension hair to match the size of the section of natural locks. Don’t take too much or too little which you make your braid uneven, bulky, and lumpy. For the hair near the top, you should fold it like a candy case. Make sure to attach the extension over the top of the section of the hair to be braided and hold it close to the scalp as much as possible.

Working on each braid a time to avoid tangled hair. Keep separate the hair and braid with an extension until you get a perfect look. Remember braids aren’t installed too tight; otherwise, they can cause hair loss. Braid is one of the versatile hairstyles that every girl desires nowadays.