5 Easy Go-to Hairstyle With Extensions

Do you probably wonder why Hollywood stars possess such voluminous, thick, and lust-worthy hair? Or how do they keep their curls last for a long period of time? How do they change their hairstyle up from morning to afternoon?  Well, the answer is hair extensions. It is considered that using hair extensions become more and more prevalent all over the world since it is the most effective and quickest way to switch up your appearance in just a flash. For those who do not know how to style your hair extensions and which style will suit you, please scroll down to find more. We are here to recommend you some easy and quick hair ideas for your busy day.

1. Ballerina bun

Adding more volume for your natural hair might be one of the best things of having hair extensions. This hairstyle is much more suitable for those who want to achieve a simple look but full of life. It is very easy to make it. First, pull your hair into a slicked-back ponytail, the use hair tie to wrap it to form a sleek, ballerina bun. You also can use extra bobby pins to keep short hair or flyaway into your bun.

2. Voluminous curls

Remember to style your extension beforehand applying it into your natural hair. Then using hair spray to keep the wavy all day long, wear the hair down or make a braided headband to add the elegance for your hairstyles. This hairstyle will be the best for the night date or a day out.

3. High ponytail

A high ponytail is the best hairstyle for a day at the gym. However, when you are exercising, it is really frustrating if the hair slinks down to the nape of your neck. To keep the hair out of your face and never slip down you should remember to use hairspray and part your hair into some sections, then wrap a high ponytail with a hair tie or more pins if necessary.

4. Half-up half-down

This is one of the easiest hairstyles ever. For those who wear hair extensions, it is even more beautiful and gorgeous. These perfect beach waves are a timeless summer trend for all girls

5. Fishtail braid

A fishtail braid is still on-trend hairstyle in summer. It can be worn to many places and suit many outfits, such as summer festivals with a crop top and denim cut-offs or winter brunch with a felt hat and oversized coat. If you don’t even know how to do it, just search the tutorials on youtube which helps you a lot.

Above are several suggestions of hairstyles with extensions that are really chic, trendy, and easy to make. Remember Macsarahair offer all the hair extensions with high quality and reasonable price. Check out our product and find the best one.