5 Fun Facts About Clip In Hair Extensions

Have you considered purchasing clip-ins? Did you have any concerns about them or wondered if they were worth the cost? In this piece, we’ll clear up some common myths and fascinating facts regarding clip-ins so you can enter your next appointment knowing what to expect from them. You might be surprised by 5 fun facts about clip in hair extensions!

Clip In hair extension are good for your hair

It’s a common misunderstanding that clip-ins cause breakage or edge thinning in natural hair, which is possible if they’re done improperly. You won’t need to be concerned about breakage or damage if clip-ins are done correctly by a professional or by you and that you take appropriate care of your hair while they’re installed. If you take good care of your hair while wearing clip-ins, you should be alright.

There are clip in hair extensions for every texture

You may believe that there are no clip-ins available to match your hair, but you may have been looking in the wrong locations or not searching diligently enough. There are many high-quality clip-ins that will match your textured hair, mix in with it perfectly, and look fantastic. The various hair textures offered by Macsara are certain to complement your own natural hair. Our two most popular textures are kinky afro and afro straight, so you have a natural-looking alternative if you wish to wear your hair straight with clip-ins. For those who desire to go blonde or another striking hue, our clip-ins can also be coloured.

Clip in hair extensions are affordable

The most economical hair extensions are most likely clip-ins. Although high-quality extensions are an investment, consider them to be a good way to style with little to no effort. The shelf life of clip-ins can be around two years if they are maintained properly because they are typically utilized for special occasions for a shorter period of time than other extensions like microlinks or tape-ins. That is a lot of value for the money. They will last as long as you need them to if you just take care of them the same way you would your natural hair, by detangling, moisturizing, and cleaning them.

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The clips can be replaced

You can change the clips on your clip-ins if you wish to prolong their shelf life even further. Just remove the broken or worn-out clips and sew in a new one. This is primarily for girls who wish to reuse their clip-ins rather than having to discard the old ones after a few years. Naturally, this is optional but is available if necessary.

5 facts about clip in hair extensions

Limit use of heat with clip in hair extensions

Using blow dryers, hair curlers, or flat irons frequently can cause heat damage and breakage to both your natural hair and the clip-ins. The best choice is to choose clip-ins that match your natural hair because of this. Of course, applying heat to the clip-ins occasionally is acceptable, but avoid going overboard or you’ll find yourself replacing your clip-ins more frequently than necessary. Use a heat protectant or get your hair styled by a stylist who is familiar with how extensions function.


Do not wait any longer if you are thinking about trying clip-ins for the first time! Clip-in extensions are the only comparable and practical way to get longer or fuller hair! Check out Macsara for the highest-quality hair accessories and extensions available to both consumers and stylists! We strive to offer our clients the most dependable, durable, minimally processed products possible because you deserve nothing less than the best!