5 minutes to cope with Helmet hair       


People who daily get around with a scooter or motorbike share a common concern: Hair look! Though it might not look great and is hardly ideal when it comes to your hairstyle, not wearing one is not an option. Follow our advice on how to live in harmony with your helmet.

The helmet ‘squashes’ your style, producing a highly undesirable result. In a closed space, the scalp gives off more heat than usual, and perspiration is the culprit that will alter your hairstyle. No matter which hair type you have from frizzy hair, straight hair or fine hair, the results are the same! However, there’s no need to worry about the effect the helmet has on your hair itself. Here we reveal some tips to “recover” your gorgeous hairstyle after wearing the helmet

1. Before putting on the helmet

Prepare hair care products


Every time you go out, depending on the level of necessity, you should prepare hair care tools such as mirrors, combs, hair gel, hair wax, balm spray. This is more convenient for you to restyle your hairstyle.

Avoid styling products

Gel and mousse will moisten when your scalp perspires, ruining your hairstyle even more. And of course, it’s not particularly hygienic… Styling products will leave the inside of your helmet dirty.

Not wearing the helmet with a wet hair

The hairline is formed when the hair is still damp. If you wear a hat when your hair is still wet, the hair will look flat, less swollen, frizzy and messy. Especially, wet hair is more vulnerable and it will be easier to stick to dust than dry hair.

Moreover, the humid environment is the ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. Wet hair will make the lining of the helmet also moist, creating conditions for bacteria to grow, the risk of scalp diseases such as scalp fungus, itching, hair loss, dandruff, … is very high. It is best to dry your hair thoroughly before going out to prevent it from sweat mixing with your hair and will reduce the likelihood of other hair problems.

Keep your hair clean

Washing your hair regularly and keeping it clean is one of the most important steps to prevent hair loss that could be caused by wearing a helmet. Accumulation of sweat in the hair roots after wearing a helmet can aggravate problems like dandruff. You can use a mild shampoo/ cleanser to wash your hair every-day or every alternate day to keep your hair dirt and oil-free.

Care for your helmet

To take care of your hair, you must care for your helmet too. Cleaning your helmet regularly, especially from the inside so that it does not accumulate too much sweat or dirt. Keep your helmet in a clean and airy place when it is not in use.

Use a cloth inside the helmet 

Adding a layer of cotton cloth inside your helmet can reduce the helmet-hair friction. It also absorbs sweat, which prevents not just your hair, but the lining of your helmet from getting ruined as well. However, ensure this cloth is washed and dried often to keep it fungus-free.

Braid your hair

This tip is particularly for girls (or even guys) with long hair. Braid or tie your hair into a firm ponytail before wearing a helmet to prevent it from becoming messy and catching in your helmet.

2. After taking the helmet off

Use dry shampoo, blotting paper for hair

The hair may be greasy after taking off the helmet. At this time, dry shampoo or blotting paper for hair can help you overcome this situation significantly. They will absorb excess oil from the forehead and hair parts that go nearly with the inside of the helmet, recovering your floating beautiful hair easily.

Restyle your hair

For those who have natural hair, there no need to style too much. All you have to do is to put your hand into the hair to untangle and create a slight bulge for the hair. Because at that time, the hair is very sensitive and prone to breakage, you should limit the use of thick, small teeth.

However, if you have curled hair, you should squeeze the curls with the fingers to make the hair in its best shape.

3. Some helmet-friendly hairstyles

Any hairdo that comes along with the compression will be helmet-friendly. Need inspiration? Here we have collected some. See-through and find one you would love.

  • Half Braided Crown

This is perfect for curly hair under the helmet. This style is a feminine, flattering and grown-up look on and off your motorbike.

  • Hair and velvet turbans

Turbans are perfect for those days when you really cannot bother with managing your hair and yet want to pull off a chic look. Velvety enough to keep your head warm and still looking fashionista, we also love these printed turbans by Robin Hoods that are perfect for wearing under your bike helmet.

  • Braided hairstyles

As mentioned above, braided hairstyles are the most optimum choice for helmet hair. Not only is it easy and quick, but braided hair is versatile in so many different ways. You can make the bride to one side, chuck a front braid into the mix. The possibility is endless. Build it the way you like – anything and everything goes.

So, after all, Helmet hair is a real issue for those of you trying to commute to jobs that don’t involve writing about motorcycles all day. These tips to help you manage helmet hair. Leave a comment to let us know if you find them useful!