5 Secrets For Taking Care Of Shiny Japanese Hair

Japanese women are not only famous for their beautiful white skin but also because of the smooth and shiny hair care. So which hair care secret has helped them own such admirable hair? After reading the following article, you will know all the steps to improve your hair naturally.

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1. Wash your hair with cold water

Shampooing with cold water may sound like a simple but it is the practical way to care for your hair. The water with a high temperature will deprive the natural protective oils of the hair, in addition, your hair will be susceptible to damage by external agents. Losing this oil layer can also make your hair frizzy that becomes weak and break easily. So using cold water shampoo will close the pores without affecting the hair cuticle. As a result, the hair will be healthy, soft and easier to style.

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The amount of time for hair washing is also one of the deciding factors for your hair condition

Japanese women also have another unique hair care method is to not use shampoo directly on the head. Instead, they put it in the palm of the hand, mix with foaming water before rubbing it all over the hair. After drying your hair with a cotton towel, use your fingers to comb before using a small comb. The reason is that hair is prone to tangling at this time, it is necessary to avoid damaging the scalp, causing hair loss.

2. Use natural ingredients to incubate your hair

Incubating your hair with natural ingredients is a way of Japanese hair care. The usual material used by Japanese girls is tea leaves. Vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, B3, B5… in fresh tea leaves will help create nutrients to nourish hair from root to tip. The vitamin C in tea leaves also helps increase hair resistance, helping hair stronger.

In addition to fresh tea leaves, Japanese women also use tea tree oil to care for their hair. This is an oil that has excellent moisture retention and is one of the fastest absorbed vegetable oils through the scalp. The procedure is extremely simple: When the hair is still moist (after shampooing), apply tea tree oil to the hair and gently massage the scalp. Doing every day will help moisturize and strengthen the shine to the hair.

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Green tea is the secret to smooth, healthy hair of Japanese people

A natural ingredient that many Japanese women choose is celery. Incubating your hair with celery juice before shampooing for 15-20 minutes will help keep your hair silky smooth. The reason is that celery is very benign, does not irritate the scalp and especially contains lots of vitamins A and K (helps keep hair moisturized). This plant also has many minerals and high levels of vitamin C, antioxidants that nourish the hair, strengthen the resistance and anti-aging hair.

3. Sun-proof method for hair

To help your hair to grow steadily, you need to avoid exposing your hair to sunlight. When going out, Japanese women often cover umbrellas or wear hats to protect their hair. Especially in the harsh summer, this is an indispensable step for hair care. If you’re afraid of using an umbrella or a hat that will ruin your hairdo, you can use sunscreen sprays on your hair. When using it, the oil with UVA and UVB 30 protection index will cover to create a film to protect hair from moisture loss and the effects of sunlight.

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4. Diet with seafood, seaweed

Eating a lot of seafood, seaweed is also a hair care method used by many Japanese women. Seafood is rich in protein (the main ingredient for hair cells), nutrients and specific vitamins that you can hardly find anywhere else. These substances will help maintain moisture in the hair, making it healthier and smoother.

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Few people doubt that seafood is the core way to get healthy hair of Japanese girls

5. Apply the hair mask

Applying the hair mask is also a great way to care for your hair. Since ancient times, Japanese aristocrats have used rice flour to make masks for their hair. The method is very simple: You only need to mix rice flour and coconut oil together. When the mixture is a little thick, apply it evenly to your hair. Use a clean towel to cover the hair for 20 minutes and then wash off with water. If you do it daily your hair will be healthy, shiny and smoother.

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