5 Small Tips To Fight Your Hair Loss

Nowadays, people take care of more of their appearances like face, body, and hair to look more beautiful. When beauty standards are higher in human’s social life hairstyles are often linked to the beauty and attractiveness of humans. The reason why a woman needs to protect hair is that they usually own thin and weak hair. Moreover, they usually change the hairstyles with chemicals that are the main factor of damaged hair. How to solve these problems? We offer 5 useful tips to prevent these phenomena and improve hair growth.

5 Small Tips To Fight Your Hair Loss

1. Restrict tight hairstyle (Ex: braids, buns or ponytails)

In modern life, tying your hair is obviously important, as hair tends when you go for a run or do any other physical activity. If you tie your hair too tight, you will cause too much tension and traction on hair or can lead to massive hair loss. Besides, you have to suffer from the pain of too-tight braids. Loosening your braids with a pencil or applying a specially formulated braid spray that is a good way to reduce your pain and keep your beautiful hairstyles. Here are a few other solutions to prevent hair loss: Avoid use hair relaxers and rubber or elastic bands to hold hair, change the hairstyles without tight hair ties every couple of days…

2. Change your diet

The same meaning of change your daily diet is living a healthy or keeping life balance. There are some steps that you have to pick up such as eating more protein foods at breakfast and lunch, providing helpful ingredients (Vitamins, Amino acids, Copper, L-Lysine…). Drinking enough water and sleeping at least 8 hours every night is also a necessary solution. At the same time, try to avoid addictive factors of your bad habits like alcohol, tobacco, and coffee. Hair is quite the same as skin so massage is a good method to restore hair growth. Taking massage each day can also help you relieve stress and tension. Some kinds of oils such as fish oil or coconut oil are nutrients helping reduce protein loss from hair that you use during massage time.

3. Washing and brushing your hair gently

Brushing hair improperly could damage your strands, causing breakage or tangles. Brushing too much or using the wrong brush can be a big mistake in your hair care.

Washing hair is not a simple problem. You should not take the full force of hands-on your hair, just do it slowly and carefully. Keep healthy and strong hair is not easy but it is not a complex issue. Another best way is choosing the suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hairstyle. One thing you should note is that read the labels of all of your hair products carefully. Other advice is avoiding hot water, washing your hair frequently, letting your hair air-dry, or refusing to brush hair while it is wet…

 4. Stop harsh treatments (hot rollers, curling irons, hot oil treatments)

Women often dye color or use the hair straightener to have the new hairstyles but these things are not good for your hair anyway. Using harsh treatments regularly will leave a weak hair. It is the main factor to harm your strand and your scalp, leading the maximum breakage damage of your hair. Lacking moisturizing treatment is a serious issue that we have to limit it immediately. To overcome this reality, using nature’s awesome foods such as avocado, banana + olive oil, pumpkin + honey, sugar water, apple cider vinegar is the perfect recipe for damaged hair. In addition, using a combo of shampoo and deep conditioner for the best results.

  5. Save your beautiful hair from sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light

According to statistics, sunlight is a major risk for skin and hair, especially damaging hair cuticles and structures. It can damage the hair strand like dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends. There are useful ways to protect hair under sunlight. If you spend the vacation on the beach you can wet your hair first, use heat-protecting spray, wear the hat… In addition, you should not go out at midday because the sun has the largest quantity of UVB and UVA rays (harmful rays).

In fact, you do not need to afraid of hair loss, our company has a lot of hair extensions helping you get more confidently when going out. Besides, on MACSARA you can choose 16-inch tape in hair. We hope that these useful tips can help you save the hairstyle and improve your hair. Be careful when you have harsh treatmentsbrush and wash your hair or under the sunlight. Live positive and do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle with your hair protecting plan. If you have any question please contact us to get more information to solve your problems.