5 useful hair tips for busy moms!

Becoming a mother is one of the happiest things that can ever happen to a woman and indeed is a true blessing to be gifted with. It takes you to an adventurous journey of life-giving a fresh look to almost everything in the world. While you enjoy that beautiful phase of raising a good and happy family, women often get so busy and distracted from things which may pamper you or give you those little joys such as fashion, style, or what’s ‘hot’ these days. That is alright — we thoroughly get it, and you’re positively not the only one!

So, to battle these handily overlooked delights throughout everyday life, MACSARA has ordered a rundown of the best 5 styling hair tips for busy moms that are occupied in a hurry to assist you with keeping awake to date on all the best in class patterns. Let’s get it started!

1. Skip a wash or a few


It’s hard as a busy mom to get a shower anyway right? And then finding time to blow dry and style- forget it! Consider washing your hair less. This is not only good for your sanity, but also for your hair to let it get used to working with its natural oils again.

And for fancy, you can come up with a handy solution: Dry Shampoo. Oh, there is nothing more wonderful than taking a hair wash without even going to the bathroom. With all your quickies, this will be your best savior in no time.

This simple trick will help you grab a glass of wine rather than struggling for a good hair day. Your hair will still look fresh no matter how many days go by.

2. Embrace your natural texture


Sometimes, simple is the best. So, let your hair be itself. Do you hear it? It is time to give your styling tools a break every now and let the bedhead on the hot spot. Washing hair at night and putting in braids is a wonderful way to achieve those beachy waves in the morning. Interestingly, it means getting an uninterrupted shower (since the kiddos are in bed), which is pure gold.

3. Master simple hairstyles


When you want your hair look different and charming or it’s looking a little too crazy au natural, it’s good to have a few tried and true hairstyles on hand.

For example, there are lots of things we can do with the ponytail we always love to make it stunning. You can try a low ponytail, pull back-high fashion ponytail, a medium one with locks in front. You can even use some hair spray on your ponytail to not make it seem frizzy and keep it in its place.

4. Do what you can while you sleep


Why have to wait until the following morning to adorn your hair? Actually, you can do even when you sleep. Sleep on a silk pillow to keep your hair from breaking and getting frizzy during the night. If you can’t leave your hair loose at night, try a loose braid with a scrunchy on the end rather than using a damaging elastic band. And in the morning when you wake up you will have nice, lovely curls that look like soft curls done by a roller. That’s so great, right?

5. Have Plenty of Accessories to Hand


Having the right accessories can make styling your hair a much quicker and easier process. As a mom who wants to have some simple yet easy hairstyle ideas that look like they took much longer to perfect, bobby pins are going to be your best accessory. Make sure that you have the right hairbrushes and combs, as well – having a selection of tools in various sizes makes it easier to section off your hair when styling, for example.

Especially, hair extensions will be ideal saviors that you should have on hand. It will help you renew yourself every single day. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Life gets busier because of motherhood and it’s hard to find enough time for yourself while changing diapers, home-schooling kids and cooking. It doesn’t matter if you know the methods such as those we share with you above. So tell us, moms, do you have any time-saving hair care tips. Please share them with us on the comment section below. Our moms always want to know every tip available!