6 Colors Of Hair Which Can Be Trend In This Year

Do you get ready for changing a new hairstyle? If you are fed up with your “secure” hairstyle, you must try something new. Clothes or accessories cannot make your appearance more luxurious without dying a beautiful color. This year, as far as you know, there are numerous colors that make girls “mad” and addicted to them.

Define the tone of your skin

So, to catch up with the trend, you must accumulate some knowledge to choose the most suitable color for you. But first of all, you must define the tone of your skin.

Anyway, before catching up with the trend in 2019 without thinking over as well as make yourself ugly as a “scarecrow”, you have to define the type of your skin in advance. Our skin is divided into 2 main types: hot tone and cold tone.

-The hot tone is so popular in Asia. It means that: girls those who own brown skin or yellow skin. The girls who own this type of tone can pick and choose some colors below: deep brown, chocolate, caramel, red, ginger, honey color, etc.

-The cold tone is girls who own lightning skin. If you belong to this group, you can freely choose the number of colors that you are interested in. You can try platinum color, deep brown even dry red.

The beautiful color of hair for hot tone

Chocolate brown

This color is not trendy but this is the most secure choice for girls who hesitate to change the style. When you dye this color and combine a little bit of ground lipstick, you will look so out-standing as well as more confident.

Dark brown

When you have a passion for dying but your parents do not allow or your environmental work cannot accept a light color? Don’t worry about that because you can dye a dark color to hide. The dark brown color is the best choice for you. This hidden color is totally effective. When you are indoor, your hair is jet black hair color but you just need to go outside, your hair will be colorful by all magic.

The dark brown color is a specialized standard in Korea. This color is so prevalent and trendy, especially officers and students are so into it because of its application.


This type of color is not strange to girls who are big fans of dying hair. Instead of choosing colorful hairstyles, a few brown combines with a little bit grey will make your physical attractiveness more luxurious and elegant.

However, ombre color is so hard to dye. You are always at risk of bleaching hair. So, you must research information so carefully before have a decision to dye ombre color.

Beautiful color for cold skin

Possess cold skin is both strongpoint and weak. You have numerous colors to choose but dying technology is not modern. You can refer to some colors to choose the best suitable color for yourself.

Steel grey color

This is the most beautiful and fashionable color this year. Although it is not popular like ombre color, this is still the best perfect choice for girls who have a desire of owning attractive appearance.

Bordeaux color

This color was named after the Bordeaux wine which was so famous in France.  Bordeaux color is darker than other colors. It is so suitable for girls who are in deep color. Otherwise, you can make sure that: you choose right tone to avoid disconnecting with the color of your hair.

Amber color

This trendy color is so effective when you would like to show off the tone of your skin. Even you possess a ruddy skin or a strong brown skin, you are all perfect!

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