6 Simple But Effective Secrets To Take Care Of Hair During This Cold Season

Not only the skin but also the hair becomes more sensitive during winter, so you need to memorize the specific care tips below.

We often just focus on skincare but forget that carefully caring as well as providing enough moisture for hair in this season is also extremely essential. The consequence is that the hair becomes ragged, lifeless or even somewhat thinned due to frequent hair tangles, broken hair. So, in addition to take care of hair with specialized products, you also need to note the following tips to ensure having healthy, naturally smooth hair throughout the winter.



With dry weather in the winter, it is recommended to use conditioner immediately after each shampoo and incubate once a week. However, avoid abusing these products because they can make the scalp become greasy and dirty more easily and quickly, and have more dandruff. You should not scratch your scalp vigorously during the shampooing process as this can cause irritation of the scalp leading to hair damage and hair loss. After shampooing, use conditioner to care for hair. However, do not forget that this stage requires a gentle massage with conditioner. Only 1 minute of massage is enough to help remove the small plaque left on the hair and clean the shampoo, conditioner left on the hair.

Vitamin E

In addition to being a drug, vitamin E is also very familiar to women for beautifying their skin and hair. You mix 2 capsules of vitamin E with 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 egg. Cleanse the hair and then gently apply the mixture evenly on your tresses from the roots to the ends. Continue incubating in a warm towel for about 20 minutes before washing again with regular shampoo. By doing this method 2-3 times/week, not only the dryness, split ends will disappear completely, but your hair will also have a smooth and shiny appearance.

Cover for hair

The best way to prevent the onslaught of cold air is to wear a hat when going out on the street or neatly tie your hair into a bun with a silk scarf at home, preferably right after you’ve shampooed or moisturized your hair.

A specialized shampoo for dry scalp

Changing shampoos is also an effective method, especially if you choose shampoos especially for dry scalp. Because it not only helps you clean the scalp and hair but also moisturizes better than regular shampoos. In the winter, our scalp is prone to dryness, easy to flaking causing dandruff, so it’s an effective solution for almost any scalp – unless you have oily hair.

Let hair dry naturally

Lower temperatures and a drop in humidity in the air can be harmful to your hair, especially when you regularly use such heat tools as the curling iron, straightener, or dryer. Try to limit the use of your heat beauty appliances, or the temperature as low as possible so they don’t damage your hair. If it is too difficult, apply a layer of conditioner before drying or choose a dryer that produces warm or cool air.

Do not overuse hair care products

Many girls think that using multiple products at the same time is more beneficial for hair, this is a misconception. It will make the hair “superfood”. The reason is that each type of hair conditioner has different ingredients, sometimes they do not support but also inhibit each other. Therefore, you should use only one conditioner product.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have already had an insight on how to properly take care of your hair in winter. Wishing you always have healthy beautiful hair as desired!

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