7 Beautiful Men’s Hairstyles For Winter

At every time of season-changing, there is always a question that makes many boys disturbed, which is the best hairstyle to choose for the winter? Although not as versatile as hairstyles for womenmen’s hairstyles are also extremely diverse in style and origin. There are hairstyles originating from Korea, there are also hairstyles from Europe, which spread to neighboring countries and now these styles are storming all over the world. In this article, let’s take a look at the hottest hairstyles for men in the fall and winter of 2019.

Two blocks layered hairstyle

This hairstyle is suitable for boys having hair with average length 6 – 9cm. Two block layer is best suited for people with a round face and long face as this hairstyle will help create the illusion of having smaller and slimmer faces than usual. Layer trimming lines are characteristic of the Two block layer. With the two-block layer hairstyle, you can have a variety of variations depending on your favorite style and fashion style: swipe your bangs sideways to the side or in the middle, or curl with a machine to have a South Korean curly style, messed up to create the most messy and textured effect, or smooth the bangs up a little fringe up.

Undercut hairstyle

The name speaks for the salient feature of this men’s hairstyle. Undercut hairstyle with typical characteristic is the short side cut, which is faded up to create the trendy fade effect. The top hair section is left to be at a certain length depending on the hairstyle you want to make. These are the hairstyles that are easy to style and hold the texture longer for the guys to activate. Besides, this is also the hairstyle that has caused “fever” in the past time. This hairstyle has been popular in recent years and has been not hot thanks to the level of masculinity and stylishness that it gives men. This hairstyle is impressed by the simplicity and neatness that it brings. With variations like half-shaved head hair, or hair shaved with artistic “carved” will surely be popular with young people. Because this is a hairstyle that converges all the advantages strongly desired by men: stylish, romantic, sexy yet still attractive. The undercut style helps the boys become younger, more masculine but equally attractive. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the undercut has become a popular hairstyle for many guys, one of the glamorous hairstyles that boys should try at least once.

Pompadour hairstyle

Pompadour’s short-cut male hairstyle stands out by some salient features. In addition to being shaved at the sides and back, the part that makes a unique impression is that the top with long hair is inflated to the maximum. The hair at the top is styled by swiping backward, inflating using tools like gel or hair wax. Pompadour hairstyle gives you a formal, polite appearance. This hairstyle is especially suitable for guys who prefer the formal and mature style. You can combine pompadour hair with a luxurious fashion style such as a vest, suit, ghillie, etc. In addition, Pompadour is also perfect to combine with sports fashion, office fashion, etc. Korean Men’s Hairstyle Choppy Crop           Korea is the paradise of beauty, which produces many beautiful and attractive fashion styles, makeup as well as hairstyles. Not only is the western style, the male hairstyles that are trimmed at the sides of the neck with the retained top hair is also flexibly applied to Korean men’s hairstyles. Arriving in the “land of Kimchi”, this hairstyle is called Choppy Crop, which is transformed by creating curly. It can be said that Korean hairstylists always know how to make an impression on their hairstyles before that trend spreads throughout Asia and over the world. Try choppy crop now because this is a hairstyle that is expected to be very hot in autumn and winter this year.

Deviation side-parted hairstyle

This trendy named hairstyle is actually a simple hairstyle with the hair on the ears and the back of the neck trimmed short while the middle hair and the top of the head are kept at 6-8cm long. Side-parted is a hairstyle for people with long, square, oval faces. Side-parted hairstyles help enhance the beauty and softness of the overall face, and just like the name of it, with this hairstyle, the hair is often divided twice as deeply as Undercut. There are many opinions that the Side-parted hair is inspired by a book being read in the middle.

Layer-trimmed hairstyle

Men’s layer-trimmed hair is one of the very few hairstyles that will please even a lot of guys, no matter what circumstance or how their faces. Wherever you go, attend a party with elegant suits, go to work with decent office attire, go to the gym with comfortable, spacious outfits, or hang out with sneakers and sneakers liberal, etc. this hairstyle can be worn at any occasion. One of the reasons for the popularity of the male layer hairstyle is that this hairstyle gives the boys a masculine, liberal yet sweet and warm look. Therefore, the layer-trimmed hairstyle has caused a fever for a very long time and so far has not shown signs of cooling down.

Blowback Hairstyle

This luxurious hairstyle has its roots in the 90s and has a very trendy look. The most typical feature of this male blowback hairstyle is that the bangs are long and often brushed with wax. This style of bangs creates a highlight for blowback hair. One of the advantages of blowback hair is that although the bangs are waxed, it does not create a stiff feeling, whereas it helps8-inch clip the lines on the boys’ faces become softer, as well as create an illusion of having softer, fluffy floating hair. Therefore, when choosing this hairstyle, it means you are opting for the romantic style of a mature and experienced man. Have the boys had a choice about hairstyles for this fall and winter? If not, then this post hopefully has helped you to get an idea for your next salon visit. On the other hand, MACSARA is carrying out a gratitude promotion program as well as welcoming the coming autumn-winter season for the Clip-in hair extension products line. Consult our 8-inch clip in hair and visit our product list for more preferences!