7 Things French Women Never Do When Taking Care Of Their Hair

The interesting revelations from the secret of French girls’ care to have naturally beautiful shiny hair.

When it comes to French women, people always give a lot of wonderful words to describe their beauty because, at first sight, they make us bewildered by pure charm with a bit of the strange liberty and attraction. It is more impressive when in spite of the alluring outfits or light makeup, the hair is the highlight of their charm. It seems fussy, but they care for their hair with the simple following notable principles:

1. No dyed hair

 No dyed hair
No dyed hair

“We never dyed our hair, or if we dyed it, we just chose our right hair color to look more prominent or use to cover the gray hair.”

To look the most natural, French women dye their hair that is similar to their natural hair and skin. It seems that they never dyed the fashion hair color. The “nature” is the keyword in their beauty.

2. Do not use a hairdryer

Although we all knowing that a hairdryer is convenient and time-saving, the hair is easily affected by heat and will soon dry up and break. Therefore, French women always let their hair dry naturally so that their hair is always shiny and floating.

3. Don’t shampoo regularly

Not washing your hair every day is a French women’s habit. While you may be uncomfortable with the amount of oil on your scalp but if the oil is lost every day, your hair will not have healthy hair.

4. Do not use accessories for hair

If you pay close attention, you will never see French girls using the elaborate accessories on their hair. Like hair dyeing, simplicity is always a priority.

5. Do not let the wet hair when going out

They usually choose the best time to wash their hair in the early morning or the evening when they go home because they will have more time to dry their hair. Never go out with wet hair, you will not look neat at all.

6. Use the perfume for hair

French women use the secret weapon is a perfume that makes their hair outstanding. They use gentle scents, so when you take your hair down, the scent will surely create special attention for the opposite person.

The cold and dry weather has long been an “enemy” of the hair because this is the time when hair is easily damaged, broken.

7. Weather hair care 

French women take care of their hair according to the weather. On the hot days, they don’t utilize hair washing so they use a bit of talcum powder to cover the scalp or remove the excess oil and sweat. But on cold days, they add conditioner to their hair.

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