8 Fabulous weave hairstyles for black women

Many years ago, the term “hair extensions” is still a fresh and strange definition for almost everyone as only the rich and famous people can afford them. Nowadays, with hair extensions, hairstyles for black women are free to choose and rock any look that is suited with their conception and personality, regarding the length, texture, or color of their own hair. In which, weave hair extensions are one of the most favored by many women as they not only protect your hair from harmful effects of continuous styling but also require little maintenance, you have a chance to experience different amazing looks, with snazzy colors, curly or straight, long or short, etc. literally every month if you want! Join MACSARA to take a look at some beautiful weave hairstyles of 2019 and you may get inspired for your own hairdo. We classified all the hairstyles into three categories: Wavy Hairstyles, Curly hairstyles, and straight hairstyles; feel free to duplicate any style you like! If you are wonder about hair lengths of weave, you can read MACSARA weave length guide to choose the most suitable hair for yourself this winter.

Weave hairstyles for black women : Curly hair

#1 Corkscrew Curls

 This hairstyle is very popular among Black women. The strong tight curls stacking into different layers and cascading softly around the face and neck bring the owner a classy and fancy look.  MACSARA’s “Weave Curly Hair Black Color” seem to be the perfect choices for you to create this amazing look.

#2 Long Feminine Weave

 This long layered hairdo, as its name, brings a gentle and feminine look for whoever does it. The shorter curly layers frame the face and create an illusion of having a smaller face while the longer one will add volume for the hair and make the owner look more girly. If you want to rock this style, MACSARA’s “Weave Body Wavy Hair Black Color” is not a bad choice.

#3 Black Curly Pixie

 Not only long weave extensions can be styled in curly texture but also short weave can be. The large curls rest upon the crown make the owner look more charming and fabulous. This is a short hairstyle so you should buy short weaves extensions such as MACSARA 6 inch weave hair to avoid wasting money.

Curly quick weave

This is a choice for those who don’t have time and want to get a gorgeous hairdo immediately. A quick weave is the name of a weaving method that hair wefts are glued directly to a protective cap. So before using weave hair, you have to wear a weave cap on your head. You can apply this quick weave at home or get a hairdresser’s assistance.  Similar to a sew-in weave, hair is braided down in cornrows or plaits. Instead of braiding hair, you can use a hardening gel to hold down the hair. Firstly, the protective cap is placed over the hair, providing coverage from the glue then hair extensions are cut and glued to the cap. Once placed on the protective cap, each weft needs to be blow-dried or air-dried to ensure a successful application. Wefts are attached until the desired look is complete. Quick weaves are simple DIY hairstyles. All of the materials needed to do a quick weave are available at your local beauty supply store or online at a reasonable price. This lower barrier to entry allows you to experiment with new looks without breaking the bank and wasting a ton of time. 

 Quick weaves may also put less tension on your real hair. It is different from sew-in weaving, where your natural hair needs to be tightly cornrowed and directly threaded with hair extensions. Quick weave with curly hair can use gel or a non-traditional loose braiding pattern that may work better for those looking for a less strenuous hairstyle. Finally, the curly quick weave is low maintenance. Aside from a daily nighttime wrapping method, quick weaves can be conveniently maintained without a lot of upkeep.  Besides, you also wear sew-in weave hair that is quick weave no leave out with curly texture. This is another way to apply weave hair. It may take more time than normal quick weave but it can ensure the durability of wefts. Curly quick weave no leaves out can help you to get the pleasure of new beautiful weave hair extension.

Straight hairstyles

#4 Kinky Straight hairstyle

 “Straight” but not really straight, this hairstyle looks almost as if it’s straightened the naturally curly hair of Black women. Fluffy and soft are two impressions of this timeless hairstyle. Although it is not too silky and shiny, it still easily brings the owner a movie star look, alluring and mysterious. “Weave Kinky Straight Hair Black Color #1A” of MACSARA is definitely the wonderful “partner” if you want to try this look.

#5 Bob Weave hairstyles

 A classic bob is never a boring short hairstyle. This hairstyle has become hot trendy throughout recent years and hasn’t had a sign to cool down. Achieve a fresh and modern look by adding some layers. The thickness of the wefts can vary depending on how baggy you want your bob to be. To try this look, 8-10 inches length weaves is a reasonable choice for you.

Wavy hairstyles

#6 Beach waves with Side Part

 Another enchanting way to “transform” the sew-ins is to create some beachy waves. To rock this look, you can use already wavy weave hair extensions such as MACSARA’s “Weave Body Wavy Hair Black Color” or buy straight weaves extensions and ask your stylists to texture it afterward. You can also make this hairstyle look more youthful by adding some hair color. Whether you want to buy wavy sew-ins or straight sew-ins, colored or natural black, Macsarahair can meet all your needs.

#7 Blonde Bob Weave

 This is another variant of the classic bob, adding some soft waves and dyeing hair in blonde make the owner look more graceful and feminine. You can buy the blonde curly weaves or buy straight black weaves and then ask the hairdresser curl and dye your hair afterward, this may better meet your idea and wants. However, only human hair weave extensions can allow you to comfortably restyle the hair like that. They also can bring the owner a more natural look than the synthetic ones. MACSARA’s hair extensions, including Weaves, are all made of 100% human hair of Vietnamese women, thus they always bring the customers the most fabulous natural look as possible.

#8 Voluminous Wavy Weave

 You can achieve this gorgeous and romantic look like the girl in this picture by curling the hair in the voluminous wavy. To be able to get the best effect, you should buy the straight weave extension (such as MACSARA’s Straight Weave Extensions Black color length 24-26 inches) and then ask for the hairdresser’s help to style the hair. There are still so many more hairstyles that you can do with weave hair extensions, here are just some typical examples. If you still hesitate and haven’t chosen a reliable hair supplier yet then why don’t you try our MACSARA products? Our company is always proud to be the biggest Vietnam remy hair extensions vendor with all the products that -are made of 100% virgin hair, all-natural, and have the best quality. Visit our store for more information and we bet you won’t regret it!