8 Inspiring 8 Inch Hair Extensions

Are you tired of having a hairdo of the same length? Are you running out of ways to style your long locks? It’s time to make a big change for your hair! When you are wondering about how to get a perfect hairdo with wonderful hair length, you can spend several times to read this news to find out the most suitable 8 inch hair extensions for yourself.

8 Inspiring 8 Inch Hair Extensions

1. Sew-in bob

Reduce the time it takes to style your hair by having a naturally curly texture. This 8 inch hair length bob hairstyle gorgeously gives you those feminine sexy vibes wherever you go!

2. Inverted bob

What an adorable way to switch up your hairstyle! You can combine a shoulder-length inverted bob with these honey highlights with side bangs. Add a little wavy magic at the ends that beautifully creates a bouncy and textured sling bob style!

3. Trendy mid-length bob

This is a good hairdo for someone who wants an easy yet fun look. There is a lot of versatility with 8 inch hairstyles. You can make it straight and sleek or curl for waves. Also, you can still put it up and wear it down for a sleeker look.

4. Icy blonde wavy bob with bangs

This is a wavy, 8 inch hair bob with bangs. The strength of this new age of balayage hair color is the effortless and seamless look it provides. A few things you tend to throw out there when transforming a client into this look is budget, styling care, maintenance, and personality. We don’t believe that only certain age groups are allowed to have a specific haircut or hair color. It’s the confidence that a client exudes that makes the style one of a kind. Last but not least we always recommend a dry shampoo as a style extender. Utilizing the dry shampoo on the first day of styling to help absorb the oils before the hair gets too greasy on day two of no washing.

5. Jagged bob

This bob for short hair features soft short layers that best compliment a round face. The mid-part also helps balance the face shape by creating the illusion of an elongated face.

6. Trendy messy bob

This short style is very popular among women of every age and is very trendy. The reason hairdressers and clients both this hair are because of its various suitability and practicality.

7. Razor cut with highlights

This style is perfect for a girl who does little or no styling at all. Face shape plays an important role when deciding the length, especially in front. A narrow face shape is ideal, but for someone more round, leave more length so it doesn’t cup the client’s chin and can elongate the face.

8. Short blonde bob

A heart, diamond, or round face shape is perfect for this look. It is best suited for fine to medium hair types. The versatility of this style and cut allows the look to suit every lifestyle from day to night, however, the maintenance of the blonde is a commitment and would need toners and re-coloring every four to six weeks.

It is so easy when restyling your hair with high-quality 8 inch hair extensions. If you own these hairstyles you can be confident when you appear in any place.