8 Reasons Causing Hair Loss In The Winter And How To Treat

macsara 8 Reasons Causing Hair Loss in the Winter and How to Treat large - 8 Reasons Causing Hair Loss In The Winter And How To Treat

For many people, winter comes always with concern about hair loss. However, most people don’t know why their hair is fallen out a lot in the winter? Let join the experts immediately learn about this issue to know how to prevent hair loss in the winter the most effective way!

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Seasonal winter hair loss is a common phenomenon in all mammals, including humans. Many women also lose more hair in the winter until the end of the spring’s cold spell. Hair loss seasonally, this process can be completely normal and no need to worry. Lost hair will regrow, sometimes a few people lose a large amount of hair but the process of regrowth is fast so that the hair loss is almost imperceptible.

If your hair growth is slow or your hair is falling a lot in areas such as the temples or the top of your head, this symptom may be a sign of long-term hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss and knowing them is the key solution to preventing this annoying problem. This phenomenon can last from 4 to 6 weeks but it is enough for you to worry about the best care for your hair.

The reasons for hair loss in the winter

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  1. Lack of sunshine. Hair loss in women often occurs in winter. Winter is considered the cause of hair loss because the exposure of your body to the sun in this season is very little. The body does not synthesize enough vitamin D, which is one of the main reasons leading to hair loss.
  2. Sweating too much. Hair loss in men usually occurs in the summer. Due to exposure to sunlight too much, the scalp sweats a lot, which causes sebaceous glands to cause spots on the scalp, leading to itching, abrasions and hair loss.
  3. Avoid getting your hair wet during the rainy season. Rainwater mixed with many other contaminants can be harmful to hair.
  1. Fungal scalp: In the case of hair fungus, it is easy to lose hair regardless of summer or winter. In this case, you should go to see a doctor find out the best treatment, as well as use a specialized shampoo that works well to treat hair loss due to fungus.
  1. Cold and dry air: These factors will prevent the scalp from producing self-care lubricants that protect the hair, causing the hair to become drier leading to hair loss. Therefore, people should prevent it by keeping their scalp warm in the winter with a wool hat, do not expose your hair to outside air while on the road.
  1. Poor winter hygiene: In winter, the water and the air around it are very cold so that almost everyone is afraid of shampooing when the scalp is too dirty and greasy, this will make it more susceptible to fungal infection, as well as make the hair roots easier to shed than usual because of the habit of scratching the scalp with your hands.
  1. The habit of shampooing with hot water: In winter, many people have the habit of cleaning their bodies by using hot water to shower, but because they are afraid of cold, many people have used hot water to wash their hair. Unbalance endurance of scalp, making it becomes weaker and more prone to hair loss than normal.
  1. Hair dyeing in the winter: One cause of normal hair loss is making the risk of hair loss in the winter higher is the use of chemical dyes, straighteners, curling irons, etc. The effects of chemicals and high temperatures will make the hair become a lot more vulnerable.

These are the causes of hair loss in the winter that everyone should know to prevent hair loss from affecting health.

Methods to reduce hair loss in the winter

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Based on the causes of winter hair loss above, we can offer the most effective prevention of hair loss. If you don’t want to experience hair loss in the winter, then you absolutely should not overlook the following:

  • Scalp hygiene properly: You should wash your hair regularly to limit the opportunity to appear in the growth of fungi that cause hair loss.
  • Provide plenty of water: In the winter, dry air causes dehydration so the skin becomes dry. When the roots are dry, there are not enough nutrients to nourish the hair, making it drier and more likely to break. So people in the winter should drink 2-2.5 liters of water a day to limit hair loss.
  • Do not curl, dye hair, or other heat styling methods in the winter because doing so will make hair loss to occur more.
  • Proper nutrition not only helps your body become healthier but also helps nourish hair to help prevent hair loss from appearing.
  • Use specialized shampoos for hair loss: With the scalp sensitivity in the winter, the specialized shampoos are obviously a savior for hair loss.

For those who are bewildered worried about hair loss in the winter, you should immediately apply the above tips to prevent and treat hair loss.

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