9 Hot Dye Palette To Lighten Your Skin

There is a truth that hairdos can change your appearance completely so choosing the right hair color to suit your skin to look both stylish and trendy. The following article of Macsarahair that you will not bother with dyeing your hair any color to lighten your skin.

The color of hair that affects quite a lot on the face. Beautiful, suitable hair color will make your face glamorous immediately. Therefore, the problem of how dyed hair to lighten the face is always a great concern of teen girls. Understanding that, MACSARA suggests 9 hot trend color palettes to help her solve the problem of dying hair color to brighten the skin.

How to care for colored hair with tangle-free

Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing, bleaching: 2 to 3 days is a reasonable time for bleach, dye chemicals… to be absorbed completely into the hair. Before this time, washing will cause the chemicals to wash away, the dyeing process will become a bad result.

Shampooing with cold water: You should wash your hair under the shower with cold water that is recommended because hot water will make the hair fade faster, and it will lose the shine of the hair, while cold water will keep the hair color longer.

Reduce the frequency of shampooing: Hair washing should only be 2-3 days/time to prevent the natural oils on the scalp are not lost, hair dye color does not fade and limit damaged hair situation.

Trimming your hair: Trimming the ends of the hair because the ends of the hair are the fastest-growing, dry, split ends and lose their color quickly. For uniforming hair color, you should trim at regular intervals, at least every 2 months.

Choose the right hair conditioner: Long-lasting dyed hair will become split and weak, so choose a moisturizer that nourishes moisture and provides extra protein to keep your hair healthy, glossy.

9 hot and trendy hair colors to help to brighten your skin

1. Light blonde hair

This is the favorite color of many girls. Because of its variety, flexible color variations, this shape of color is never out of fashion. So with a desire to find ways to help dye hair naturally, there’s no need to use chemicals quality, safe for hair, and ensure the criteria of lightening the face, light blonde is a perfectly reasonable choice.

2. Smoke grey hair

This is quite a popular hair color for young people today. This is a simple, easy-to-style hair dye that suits every face and can lighten your skin tone. Now, smoke grey is the highlight of your youthful days.

Don’t just keep yourself an image, why don’t you give yourself a more personal appearance and beautiful hair color?

3. Ombre hair dye

The interesting effect that this hairstyle brings is impossible not to mention. You will look extremely prominent among the crowd. A striking haircut will be a piece of precious jewelry, but you will not need to mix sophisticated costumes anymore. Ombre has never been a hot color that is popular with personality girls, because of its trendy looks.

4. Platinum hair dye

Among the beautiful hair colors, this year is the youngest platinum. Platinum is probably the most sophisticated and pickiest. Compared to other hair colors like brown, blonde, or highlights, the platinum hair dye is more complicated and time-consuming. The naturally black-haired people sometimes have to dye a few times to get their colors right. However, many personality girls still choose this hair color because it is extremely outstanding and there is no sign of stopping out of date.


If your hair can’t reach the perfect platinum hair color, try Macsarahair 10 inch clip in hair extensions. With high-quality Vietnamese virgin hair, you can dye, bleach in freeway without any anxiety.

5. Hair dye in light brown

Chocolate hair color is a light brown shape which is the hottest new trend nowadays, which is very well-known for young people who choose to refresh their style. For girls who love gentle beauty, the simple and light hair color like this is always the first priority choice. It is suitable for most skin tones, and this color is dyed a lot because it is suitable for many subjects. Every girl has always liked this hair color.

With this hair color whether you have long or short hair is suitable. You can create curly, wavy hairstyles with this multi-style hair color.

6. Golden feather hair color

If dyed tones such as chestnut brown, bronze brown, honey brown have ever occupied the leading position in the dyed hair colors that are applied strongly, the striking light colors only really match on fashion events. Regarding the high applicability, this color is prioritized as a fresh breeze to help the faces become more white and bright.

7. Dyeing smoky brownish hair


The brown color is a hot color for many young people, but brown color combined with smoke is quite special, helping your appearance more youthful and stylish. Another thing you should also pay attention to is that dyeing this hair needs to bleach their hair first, not normal dyes like other colors. The healthy hair combines with this color will make you extremely satisfied with its hot trend.

8. Hair dye in Bordeaux color

This is a distinctive red color, with a combination of red and light brown. Under the hair dyeing technique of your skilled worker, along with good hair dye, you will have a trendy wine-colored hair. Besides, this beautiful hair color suits all styles, from the personality girls to the feminine women both can choose.

9. Chestnut feather colored hair

A hair color that is neither too bright nor too dark, bringing a new twist to the girls, flattering your feminine and tenderness. If you want a new, stylish hairdo but don’t like the highlights, try dyeing this chestnut brown hair. This hair color is chosen by many famous beauties to enhance the facial skin color perfectly.

With the lovely hairstyles above that Macsarahair recommended, we hope to help you get the best choice for yourself. Help her smash the anxiety of coloring her hair to brighten her skin to confidently show off her personality.