A gorgeous-looking combo of Blonde hair and Brown eyes

In a world where everyone wants to be unique and outstanding, eye colors like blue and green are often considered exotic while people with brown eyes aren’t even given a second glance! We think it’s time brown-eyed girls finally get the attention they deserve. What better way to put your dazzling amber eyes on display than with a killer hair appearance to make them pop? So, what hair color just come up with your mind? Don’t you agree that is blonde? We’ve created a collection of 10 blonde versions that will flatter your beautiful brown eyes in particular. Keep reading to check out these styles that bring out the always striking blonde hair brown eyes combo.

1. Golden Blonde hair

Golden Blonde hair 1 - A gorgeous-looking combo of Blonde hair and Brown eyes

Brown may not be the most alluring name, but that’s unique because it does nothing to convey the full spectrum of colors found in your breathtaking eyes. Consider trying for an all-over golden blonde shade and watch your brown eyes flash gold in an instant. Surely, you will be the talk of the town.

2. Buttery Blonde

Buttery Blonde 1 - A gorgeous-looking combo of Blonde hair and Brown eyes

Blue eyes girls tend to think they’ve got the blonde hair market cornered, but the color contrast between bright blonde hair and deep brown eyes makes for an impressive combo. If you’re worried about blonde hair washing you out, opt for this warm, buttery blonde. This shade is a fabulous tone with soft touches of honey-yellow. Though this sunny blonde works best for people with pearly complexion, it can flatter your brown eyes in an incredible way. Try and see the magic you love!


3. Rich Strawberry Blonde

Rich Strawberry Blonde 1 - A gorgeous-looking combo of Blonde hair and Brown eyes

Strawberry blonde is an immensely warm shade of blonde. Featuring a hint of a reddish tint, strawberry blonde appears almost like a sunset tone. Getting the perfect strawberry blonde hue can be tough, but the results are always extremely amazing when done right. Close on to red on the color wheel, brown eyes tend to enhance the warmth of this look even more, creating an alluring beauty.

4. Bright Blonde

Bright Blonde 1 - A gorgeous-looking combo of Blonde hair and Brown eyes

It is totally true that people rarely get so lucky to have naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. Don`t you agree? However, we all enjoy such a combination so much. So why don`t we make our appearance the way we want? Bleach your hair blonde or get some blonde hair extensions if you don’t want to damage your hair. Then admire the achieved love. An icy-toned blonde actually brightens and draws attention to your face, bringing out golden fleck in brown eyes. Do a google research of Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones to see how bright blonde can make your eyes more pop.

5. Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde 1 - A gorgeous-looking combo of Blonde hair and Brown eyes

If you are going for the “blonde bombshell” look, then sandy blonde is an ideal option. Basically, it is one of the lightest shade of blonde. Therefore, it will look best on those with fair to medium skin tones but can nicely compliment your eyes. Super trendy and stylish, that will be the look of your dreams. Hey guys, it’s time to bring sunshine to your look! Just do it!

6. Blonde High Ponytail

Blonde High Ponytail 1 - A gorgeous-looking combo of Blonde hair and Brown eyes

There is a myth that you have to wear your hair down if you bleach it to help it resonant with sunshine. No! It is so complimenting for a blonde hair brown eyes girl to open her face. This will help to draw attention to their eyes. So, we highly recommend trying a high ponytail that looks so gorgeous in blonde and brings out the best features of your face. Super comfortable and stylish at the same time. Is it a dream?

7. Blonde Loose Side Fishtail Braids

Blonde Loose Side Fishtail Braids 1 - A gorgeous-looking combo of Blonde hair and Brown eyes

What can be more feminine on blonde hair brown eyed girl than a loose fishtail braid? It is everything but boring which is super stylish and glamorous. Consider pulling your hair into an intricate braid and letting your brown eyes do all the talking. Here is the trick: Keep the braid loose because the beauty of braids is that, sometimes, the messier they are, the more gorgeous your hair will look.

Some people say brown eyes are boring and normal, but we strongly disagree. Brown eyes are the color of all things wonderful—chocolate, coffee, and nature! Embrace the beauty of your gorgeous orbs by complementing them with the best shades of blonde. Believe us, this will be a striking combo. Go trying and share with us your newly look.