A Guide To Sew-in: How Long Does A Sew-in Weave Last?

Wearing a weave is an awesome way to add length and volume to your locks. However, just like other types of hair extensions methods, sew-ins do not last for good. It’s important to know when to remove the extensions, so you won’t harm both your natural hair and scalp. How long does a sew-in weave last? Let’s find out the answer right below!


What is a sew-in weave?

Before we delve into how long does a weave last in your hair, let’s first clarify what a sew-in weave is.

A sew-in weave, also known as a sew-in hair extensions, is a hair extension method where wefts of hair are sewn into braided tracks on your natural hair. This technique allows you to change your hair’s length, texture and style without changing your natural hair permanently.

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What affects the lifespan of a sew-in weave?

  • Hair extensions quality: The type of hair used for your sew-in weave plays a significant role in its longevity. High-quality human hair extensions tend to last longer and look more natural than synthetic ones. With proper care, human hair extensions can last through multiple installations.
  • Installation: With proper installation (often recommended by a pro), your sew-in can stay in your head longer than the poorly done one.
  • Maintenance and care: The better you care for your sew-in, the longer it lasts. Regular washing, conditioning, moisturizing, and gentle detangling are essential.
  • Lifestyle and activity level: If you lead an active lifestyle or frequently engage in activities that cause sweating, such as exercise, you might need to wash and maintain your weave more frequently. Swimming in chlorinated or saltwater can also affect the condition of the hair.
Proper installation determines sew in weave how long does it last

How long does a sew-in weave last?

As we mentioned above, there are certain factors that determine “how long does a sew-in weave take” like the hair quality, the installation method and how well you treat the hair. Yet, in general, a sew-in weave can last around 6 and 12 weeks. After this recommended time, if you don’t uninstall the weft hair, you may risk damaging your natural hair and getting some scalp issues.

Signs that you need to remove your sew-in

Even if you take good care of your sew-ins and already know how long does a sew-in weave last, it’s better to know when it’s time to remove your sew-in weave. In this way, you can prevent damage to your natural hair. Below are some signs that indicate it’s time for removal:

  • Excessive shedding: If you notice a significant amount of hair shedding, it may be a sign that your weave has reached the end of its lifespan.
  • Tangling and matting: Tangled and matted extensions are difficult to manage and can damage your natural hair if you don’t care for it promptly.
  • Unbearable itching or discomfort: Persistent itching or discomfort may be due to buildup or irritation from the weave.
  • Visible growth gap: For about 8 weeks, your leaveouts will grow and push the hair extensions down. When the gap between your natural hair and the weave becomes too large, it’s time to touch up or remove them.
Hair shedding too much is a sign that your sew-in needs to be removed

How to make your sew-in weave last longer?

If you want to extend the life of your sew-in weave, consider the following tips:

  • Use high-quality hair extensions: Invest in high-quality weft hair extensions. While they may cost more, they tend to last longer, look more natural and can be reused. So in the long run, they are a good investment.
  • Choose a professional stylist: A skilled stylist who specializes in sew-in weaves can ensure a secure and long-lasting installation. Therefore, it’s best to visit a hair salon to install your sew-in weave if you are unsure about doing it at home.
  • Proper maintenance: Follow a strict maintenance routine that includes regular washing, conditioning, moisturizing, and gentle detangling.
  • Limit heat styling: Don’t overuse heat styling since excessive heat can damage the hair and shorten its life. If you use flat irons or curling wands, remember to apply some heat protectant spray first and opt for medium and low heat mode.
  • Protect your weave hair at night: Wear a silk or satin scarf or bonnet when you sleep to prevent friction and minimize tangles.
High-quality weft hair extensions can last more than a year and can be reused

Where to buy the best weft hair extensions for your sew-ins?

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