A Real Dove Cameron Beneath The Makeup

Think about this for a few minutes: Those who start their careers as Disney kids ultimately end up ruling Hollywood — just look at Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus, for example — and our intuition tells us that the answer is no one except for the rising star Dove Cameron. Dove Cameron is a lover of bold foundation and concealer, demonstrating through expert flicks of colored eyeliner and bright lipstick choices. However, her recent Instagram video showed her fans what she looks like with a drop of makeup on. Can these scare you off? Let’s make a journey to her Instagram to check out Dove Cameron’s makeup-free selfies.

A Real Dove Cameron Beneath The Makeup

1. Get closer to Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron is a beautiful American actress and singer who’s known for her dual role in Disney Channel’s TV hit show, Liv and Maddle. With a fabulous face and a sexy body, she has won the hearts of many fans around the world. But it’s more than a good appearance that contributes to Dove’s success. While no one would argue that she’s a pretty girl, it’s obvious that she has incredible acting and singing talents.

Participating in the showbiz at an early age, Dove has to devote and change a lot. She acknowledged that sometimes “social media has a funny way of altering our perception of reality”. So when off duty, she wants to return to be herself.

2. Dove Cameron without makeup

Dove Cameron’s natural look definitely gets a big thumbs up, particularly when you compare it to the times she wears a little too much products. Look! The picture clearly shows how beautiful looking this girl is. It can be said to be one of the best ones out there and one can easily fall in love with her innocent smile.

The magic of makeup can totally transform a person’s face, and Dove Cameron is no exception. Here you can see her with a bared-face. Wow, she still looks like a total babe and you’ve just got to love the cute dimples on her face! With this picture, Dove deserves to receive plenty of compliments for her natural allure.

This picture goes to show that less makeup can most definitely be more with Dove Cameron. No matter how much makeup she puts on, she is always stunning with a glowing face and fabulous blonde hair. Truthful to say, behind the big screen, Dove is only a teenage girl with a cute appearance.

Here is another beautiful picture of Dove, which shows her natural appeal. Her beauty should be showcased because of its uniqueness. She has got a lovely face that can impress people just like that. Her natural beauty is one of the prime reasons behind her success at such a little age.

Have you ever seen this photo of Dove Cameron? It seems to be taken when she has a day off at the gym center. For practicing time, she wipes off all foundation and concealer to reveal the real face beneath the makeup. And not surprisingly, that is a glowing skin which can plus a whole heat of inspirational confidence to bare all. With simple locks of black outfits and high ponytail, Dove looks so youthful and energetic.

So, which one you prefer? Either Dove Cameron with her full-on glam looks or she along with a bared face. Both are attractive, right? It just proves that she is even more gorgeous and youthful as she should be with her real age. And something we can learn here is that it’s important to love yourself for who you are, and we love the way that Dove has inspired others to do the same. Don’t forget to take the time to recognize the things you love about yourself and try your best to shine that beauty.