Alexa Bliss No Makeup And Sophisticated-Styling Hairstyles Is Almost Unrecognizable!

Look Alexa Bliss Without Makeup And Sophisticated Styling Hairstyles Is Almost Unrecognizable large

Prepare to learn more about this WWE’s female superstar: Alexa Bliss no makeup, casual look, and more. 

WWE superstars always appear to the public with the flashy appearance as they portray characters on TV, that’s why many of them look totally different in real life when they decide to become themselves again by removing the makeup. Some rely too much on makeup in the daily life that when they come out with no-makeup images shared on social media, they look quite hard to recognize.

Recent trends in social media have allowed many stars to share photos online of themselves while wearing zero makeup. And many of them have plucked up the courage to put these images out into the public eye with no filters and no makeup on, which proves that many of these stars really do look different when they aren’t reliant on cosmetics or any enhancing product. Of course, a person who usually appear beautiful and radiant in your eyes, now don’t have the support from beauty instruments, will surely leave some contrary opinions about how her bare beauty is. And Alexa Bliss is not an exception.

Before getting into the main content of this post, firstly, let me briefly introduce to you about this woman.

Who is Alexa Bliss?

Born 9th August 1991, Alexis Kaufman is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE. She is an exceptional wrestler which has rarely been defeated. Indeed, she earned the incredible title of the first woman to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship, not once but two times. After that, she moved and now is performing on the Raw brand under the ring name Alexa Bliss. With all these talents, no surprise that she ended up as the Raw Women’s Champion in April 2017, what made her become the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles.

Join Macsarahair to have a look at some images of Alexa Bliss with and without makeup, and appraise the differences yourself.

Who is Alexa Bliss large

With and without makeup

 What do you think about Alexa Bliss’s makeup-free look? There’s a common opinion assuming that the woman is a natural beauty even though she looks quite different without cosmetic layers. Look at the comparison picture about, we can easily see that Bliss is almost two different people.

With and without makeup large

The picture on the left shows Alexa Bliss while still has a heavy makeup on. With the smoky black-tone eyes makeup and the glossy black lips, the woman looks sassy yet mysterious beautiful. To better transform into the character, the hair is also well-styled as Bliss dyed her hair in platinum-pink ombre with the highlighted pink toward the hair ends. The hair is also curled into loose curls to enhance the femininity while the big black bow secured on the crown is the perfect accessory to implement the mysteriousness.

The picture on the right is Alexa Bliss in a casual daily life moment. The talented WWE star looks completely fresh looking at the camera and taking a selfie. Although there’s not any foundation, Bliss still confidently shows off her perfect glow skin, which is soft and doesn’t have any acne. Without makeup, wearing a comfortable white jacket and optionally wrapping the natural blonde hair up into a high ponytail, Alexa looks like a pretty and friendly neighbor girl who everyone wants to get acquainted with.

Alexa Bliss no makeup selfies

Alexa Bliss no makeup selfies 1 large

Alexa Bliss has always had an iconic appearance with her trademark is the colorful hair tips, which is either blue or red, etc. The woman changed and remain the tips to pink when she moved to the main roster, and she also seems to not afraid of showing her dramatic hair not only on the stage but also in real life too.

Alexa Bliss no makeup selfies 2 large
Alexa Bliss no makeup selfies 3 large

Alexa Bliss seems to really her casual moments when she doesn’t have to put on heavy makeup like her work requests. Not only temporarily say goodbye with foundation and lipstick but Bliss also tends to leave her hair free-styling. The WWE star usually leaves her hair straight free-down, or sometimes she would go with simple easy hairstyles as she just basically ties a high ponytail, create a messy bun or uses a small headband to secure all the flyaways.

long straight blonde hair large

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alexa long hair large

Even someone like Alexa, who is known as one of the most beautiful female wrestlers in the WWE right now, has been forced to change her look whenever she steps in the ring and now relies quite much on makeup to help her transform her in-ring persona. See these pictures above, you surely realize the huge difference between Bliss on and off work. Well, makeup has become something that all women in WWE have become dependent on.

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