Alicia Keys No Makeup Still Look Impressive Thanks To Smart Hairstyle Choice

Scroll through the best 11 moments of Alicia Keys without makeup. The stunning beauty and marvelous hairstyles! Alicia Keys No Makeup Still Look Impressive Thanks To Smart Hairstyle Choice. Take A Look large Fifteen-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys is celebrated not only for her sensational talent and charm but also for spearheading the empowering No Makeup Movement. The singer, who has dabbled in several musical genres, is no stranger to high-fashion and fabulous makeup. However, she shocked the world when she decided to quit applying makeup altogether. Deciding that she does not need to please the entertainment industry, she chose to stop hiding behind makeup and bare her true self to the world. Even without makeup, this young lady still amazes the public and become prominent among the crowd with her idiosyncratic beauty and exquisite sense in choosing hairstyles. We’ve rounded up 11 pictures of Alicia Keys totally makeup-free with fabulous hairstyles. Read on to find out more about this phenomenal woman.

[1] The All-Natural Portrait

The all natural portrait large This dramatic picture of the talented singer-songwriter created a not-small storm on Instagram when she posted it and associated with the caption, “The pain taught me how to write, and the writing taught me how to heal.” Even without makeup, Alicia still looks impressive with the voluminous curly hairstyle with a huge pattern headband secured on the crown. Her fans flooded her comment section with appreciation and praise for embracing her true self.

[2] Look Fancy In An Oversized Jacket

Look fancy in an oversized jacket large Alicia Keys looks super fashionable and expensive in an oversized jacket from a famous brand. She exuded the fierceness and alluring appeal in this Balenciaga jacket with absolutely no makeup, paired with a trendy pair of hoops. For a fancier effect, the talented songstress opts for wrapping all her hair back, creating an interesting opposite between the neat top and the baggy bottom, enhancing the stylishness.

[3] The One With The Bandana

The One With The Bandana large Alicia Keys always knows how to make her makeup-free appearance to be prominent among the world of foundation and lipstick by showing up her strong sense of style. Here’s a picture of her slaying it with absolutely no trace of makeup and still looking like a total diva. The famous star opts for an impressive and somehow wild style by styling her Micro Braids into two big plaits on both sides of the head. The decorated bandana covering the top and a pair of hoops make the whole look even more alluring and stunning.

[4] The One Where She Kicks Off Her Holiday

The One Where She Kicks Off Her Holiday large Alicia posted this picture on her Instagram when she was vacationing in Egypt with the caption “There’s so much to see, there’s so much to know, so much to uncover, so many ways to grow”. The talented singer looks completely comfortable and effortlessly yet still fashionable with all the Micro Braids being tied back into a low bun underneath a floppy sun hat. A huge pair of golden hoops still plays the role of a noticeable highlight here.

[5] This Girl Is On Fire

This Girl Is On Fire large This candid photo of the singer looks like it could be the cover art of her song ‘Girl On Fire’ as the famous songstress truly looks on fire with her total-free voluminous curly black hair. People usually claim the curly black hair an old-fashion look but just look at Alicia Keys in this picture, do you see any rustic sign? You can easily try out this rock-star appearance without fearing about damaged hair or old-looking by using MACSARA hair extensions16-inch weave hair may be the right option that is suitable for length for you. Remember choosing the deep curly texture and black color for more convenience when wearing on this fabulous look of Alicia.

[6] Makeup-Free Magazine Cover

Makeup Free Magazine Cover large Alicia Keys is one of the very rare celebs having the brave to show off her bare face on the magazine cover. Here’s Keys’ makeup-free appearance on the cover of January 2017 of Allure magazine. With the hair all covered by a blue pattern bandana and the highlight is a huge purple silk rope wrapping around the head, there’s something insanely charming about this picture, and it could be not only the unique hairstyle but also her extremely genuine smile.

[7] The One With The Chic Braids

The One With The Chic Braids large Alicia doesn’t have to mind about her makeup styles (as her motto is showing her true bare self to the world), so apparently, she can spend all her creativity into diversifying her hairstyles. Indeed, Keys has a million ways to transform her look, from gentle to characteristic, from elegant to fancy, etc. In this picture, Alicia looks extremely chic and fancy with both sides Dutch Braids accessorized with golden beads. Again, the huge hoop earrings are still the signature of this young lady contributing to the fanciness and alluringness.

[8] Fashionable Braided Top Bun

Fashionable braided top bun large

That was our collection of 8 Alicia Keys no makeup pictures. Which makeup-free look of Alicia do you like the most? Do let MACSARA know in the comments section below!