Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

The trend of summer 2019 wedding hairstyles is not too fussy focusing on natural beauty and softness to crown the bride’s face.

What do you think about the wedding on the beach? Wedding flower gate filled with sweet roses? A sexy lace dress or do you think you can hear the sound of sand?

Do you think about hair? The hair is easily messed up by the sea breeze if it doesn’t create the right style. To avoid a clear “wedding hair disaster”, you can try the following 10 sea hairstyles.

1. Shoulder-Length Long Hairdo With Flowers

Shoulder Length Long Hairdo With Flowers large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

Long curly hair is curled up to shoulder, with fresh wreaths or graceful flowers. With this wedding hairstyle, you need to use a lot of hairspray and hairpin to hold your hair during the marriage party.

2. Tied-Hairstyle With Sparkling Accessory

Tied Hairstyle With Sparkling Accessory large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

Do you want to transform into a modern princess in hand with a prince? Try pulling your hair back, fixed with a hair clip, and sparkling hair accessories. You will look higher with a lovely princess crown.

3. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

What’s more interesting by holding a wedding party on a beach and braiding fishtail hair. This hairstyle is suitable for those with thick hair. Fishtail wedding hairdo brings an impressive and fashionable appearance but still very sweet and feminine.

4. Splendid Ponytail

Splendid Ponytail large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

The discreet girls will love this simple and comfortable beach hairstyle. The strands of hair were intertwined and pinned back down that feel like you were tying a low ponytail. A sparkling crown is the perfect piece of bridal hair.

5. Brilliant Tropical Hairstyle

Brilliant Tropical Hairstyle large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

The bride planning a summer wedding can dazzle all guests with brightly colored flowers in the hair such as sunflower, rose, chrysanthemum. Instead of installing complex hairdos, you just need flowers and pins to create your own impressive crown.

6. Elegant Bun Hair

Elegant Bun Hair large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

If the wedding has many older guests and is organized in a traditional, serious way, this is the choice for you.

This is a beautiful and familiar hairstyle for the British brides. The messy hairstyle also helps brides become elegant, delicate, and attractive.


  • Tangle the hair and use a spray-on naturally floating hair
  • Braid two small curls, one on top of the head is close to the ear, the other is a little lower. Do the same on the other side
  • Tie four curls together behind the nape
  • With the remaining hair, split into two parts and twist. Then, pull all the hair in the tie and use the small clips to fix them.

messy hairstyle large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

You should have classic and elegant high chignon with flowers or hair set. Adding a thin chiffon will become a perfect background that highlights the beauty of a bride.

7.Braided Hair 

Braided Hair large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

This beach hairstyle is best suited for long, thick-haired brides. Gentle and subtle braided hair is suitable for a formal marriage ceremony. Rest assured because the sea breeze will not tangle the hair that makes your hair look more natural.

8. Up-Do Wedding Hair With Wreath

Up Do Wedding Hair With Wreath large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

Up Do Wedding Hair With Wreath 1 large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

There is rarely a bridal hairstyle suit a sea wedding party like up-do hair. Classic low bun hair with curls curling around the delicate face. Install a fresh sweet wreath, now you look the most beautiful bride.

9. Unique “Scallop Hair”

Unique Scallop Hair large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

If you are married on the beach, why don’t you try to turn into a gorgeous mermaid with ocean hair accessories like shells, snails, or starfishes?

Unique Scallop Hair 1 large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

10. Long Loose Hair

If you are lucky enough to have long, thick, and smooth hair, then loose hair will help you become beautiful and gentle.

Long Loose Hair large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

Modern brides can still use this loose hairstyle with simple curling hair that makes the bride will become luxurious and affable. With this hairstyle, brides easily match different types of wedding dresses and help them comfortably during the long wedding party.

You will not need to spend too much time to style this hair, just follow below steps to finish this charming hairstyle

  • First, split your hair into small groups and curl your hair into big curls.
  • Let your hair on your shoulders naturally.
  • You can use more glue, gel to create sticky and curling hair to get the curls to keep the best hair shape.
  • You can also have the curls, but you need to consider them because small curls will usually make you look older.
  • Curly hairstyles with this support tool can be used for short hair or long hair.

Long Loose Hair 1 large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

Accessories are indispensable items for this loose hairstyle.  They are crowns, headbands, brooches, fresh garlands… creating accents for the bride.

clip in hair extensions b2a9151a c245 49b9 9b13 06b0e9ef14f7 large result - Alluring Sea Wedding Hairstyles

Nowadays, hair extensions also become a necessary tool to enhance the bride’s hair in the wedding ceremony. To satisfy customer’s needs, MACSARA introduced a wide range of hair products, especially, clip-in hair extensions. They are easy application hair extensions and thicken your hair completely. So if you want to have a perfect sea wedding hairdo, try MACSARA hair now.