Amazing Celebrity Hairstyles That Make Craze In 2019

One thing you can be easily recognized is that the new hairstyle trends always have their first appearance by celebrities. The biggest reason is the celebrities always get attention in every important event and they know how to change flexible hairstyles to be perfect. Anyone of us has a great opportunity to learn the best celebrity hairstyles for ourselves. Whether you own short hair or long hair, straight hair, or curly natural hair, there are many choices for you to refresh your look without spending too much time thinking.


Don’t hesitate anymore, make a copy from one of the hottest celebrity hairstyles collection that we will recommend below. We believe you will shine no less than the Hollywood stars on the red carpet.

I. Celebrities with Short Hair

1. Emma Watson – Pixie haircut

Short-cut pixie hairstyles have become a popular style chosen by strong personality girls. Look at the beautiful actress – Emma Watson in the famous series movie “Harry Potter” showing off this short hair perfectly with light golden brown hair. Although she has quite thin hair, the natural trimming lines of the pixie hairstyle make her look elegant and attractive. This is an ideal suggestion for girls who pursue modern beauty with neat short hair. You should choose the luxurious makeup style with some outstanding accessories such as earrings or hairpins. Please walk with confidence with your awesome pixie hair.

Many other celebrities also have pixie hair with interesting variations. You can refer to some of the photos below for inspiration.

2. Jennifer Aniston –Straight Bob hairstyle

The bob hairstyle is usually short to the chin or slightly shorter than the shoulder with the basic, uncomplicated line. Short bob hair is quite safe and easy to apply so many women love it. This hairstyle is especially suitable for those who love simple beauty with the slogan “the simpler the more beautiful”.

Here is the classic bob hair of Jennifer Aniston. Her hair is straight, has blonde color and turned the middle. She has a really gentle but still pretty in this photo.

The best thing is that with just a little styling, you can completely make your bob hairstyle upgraded. Let’s see other beautiful celebrities except Jennifer have wonderful ideas about bob hair.

3. Lily Collins – Dark brown Wavy bob

Owning white skin tone and slim face, Lily Collins becomes more prominent with dark brown bob hair. Lightly wavy appeared on her hair that made hair much more graceful. Lily also chose hairstyle turned the middle like Jennifer Aniston and curled lightly on the bobbing bangs. I love her lovely wavy and her seductive beauty.

4. Taylor Swift – Bob hair across the chin with bangs

Taylor’s bob hairstyle more breaks the way with a hair short to chin with cute bangs. She looks great in this hairstyle thanks to her dreamy oval face. You can apply this hairstyle right away if you also own an oval face like hers.

II. Celebrities with Long Hair

1. Water wavy long hair of Reese Witherspoon

During the Oscar ceremony, Reese styled her hair with water waves follow retro style. She brushed her hair to the side, curling waves to create luxurious beauty. Her waves have a large size that looks soft and wonderful with shiny platinum blonde hair.

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2. The Braided black hair of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa looks so beautiful in this shot with a braid in the front and slightly curly long hair. Her hair has original black color and ideal length, sparse curls on her hair that look soft and natural. The way that she creates a headband by her braid is special. Some lovely accessories like small flower hairpin make a highlight for this hair. The beauty of Vanessa attracts every eye at the place where she appeared.

3. Kylie Jenner with perfect Wigs

You know, celebrities often change their hairstyle, hair color, so in fact, they don’t always style their real hair. Kylie Jenner is a clear example of a wig collection. She easily has new styles of using wigs, from extremely prominent hair colors like neon, green, red, blue to short hair, ponytail, wave hair or curly hair are all possible. Please admire the sexy beauty of her and the different wigs.

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The hair ideas inspired by celebrity hairstyles will bring you many useful in choosing the hairstyle that suits you. Do you feel unhappy with your current hairstyle? Do you want to molt completely with a more sexy image? The answer is never to hesitate with beautiful hair that will give you confidence anywhere. Luckily, we are here to make your wishes come true by the best service. Macsarahair is the hair paradise for every woman. Let contact our staff right now to enjoy it.