Long wavy hair is the desire of every woman in the world right now. Then it would be very lucky if you own long hair since this type will allow you to create a wide range of amazingly beautiful hairstyles that look great for any season just by your curling iron or deep waver! Also, long waves can be easily created by simply brushing through larger curls. Don’t worry if you have not got this blessing since MACSARA will offer you different hair extensions that gonna satisfy you with all hair ideas. Keep scrolling down to find out some of the inspirations that you wanna try right now. Remember to invest useful tools such as curling irons, flat irons or traditional rollers to style your hair perfectly.

  1. Layered long wavy hair

macsara lovely layered long wavy hair 1 - AMAZING LONG WAVY HAIRSTYLES FOR SUMMER 2019

You have a long face then this hairstyle is the best one for you. These wavy layers will add more volume for your hair. The long choppy fringe will frame your face so well.

  1. Long wavy brown hair with Volume

macsara long wavy brown hair with volume - AMAZING LONG WAVY HAIRSTYLES FOR SUMMER 2019

How gorgeous and smooth this hairstyle is. We are all obsessed with this magnificently beautiful wavy hair. The most important thing that you should pay attention to get this hair look is the hydration which will add a lively and healthy strand. Especially, it is super amazing if your hair bounces with every move.

  1. Gorgeous wavy long hair

macsara gorgeous wavy long hair - AMAZING LONG WAVY HAIRSTYLES FOR SUMMER 2019

If you are trying to find one hairstyle that looks good in any season, so this is your answer. These elegant and bouncy locks give you stylish and girlish appearance. Moreover, the blonde balayage shade makes you more stunning and beautiful in any event or party. You can also create some layers to add more movement for your hair.

  1. Natural tousled wavy hair

macsara natural tousled waves long wavy grande - AMAZING LONG WAVY HAIRSTYLES FOR SUMMER 2019

This is one of the simplest hairstyles for long hair since it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to achieve this look. Just use the curling iron for every section of your hair. One thing you should keep in mind that spraying the heat protectant before using any heat tools to your natural hair. If you are afraid of damaging your hair, then hair extensions will be your best choice in this situation.

  1. Romantic haircut S-shaped waves

macsara romantic s shaped waves long wavy grande - AMAZING LONG WAVY HAIRSTYLES FOR SUMMER 2019

You may think that this hair idea is a bit classic but it is totally wrong. This hairstyle looks soft, amazing, and timelessly beautiful. The S-Shaped wave will frame your face perfectly and highlight the eyes and cheekbones that give you a flattering look.

These are some of the long wavy hair ideas for you to kick start your new chapter and change yourself up in your next summer. Don’t forget to visit to find out your tape in hair extensions. Keep supporting us to know further information about hair care and hair tips.