Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

Being a Hollywood sensation, Amber Heard’s red carpet appearances have inspired many people. We can say that, with her luminous skin and green eyes, she looks good on any hairstyle. Take this classic look to the next level with some gorgeous Amber Heard hairstyles from MACSARA!

First of all, we should know about the background of Amber Heard! Born on April 22, 1986, in Texas, she becomes an American actress and model. She took part in many films such as the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006), the action film Never Back Down, The Informers (2008), The Stepfather (2009), Zombieland (2009), The Joneses (2009), 3 Days to Kill (2014), Magic Mike XXL (2015) and The Danish Girl (2015)…

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Most of the time, Amber Heard seems to only have long and flowy locks. But recently, our star starts to change into a choppy and layered hairstyle. From a fabulous side-swept hairstyle to special updos, the star looks so beautiful and elegant! As we can see, her hairstyles range from being elegant to playful. She is one of the celebrities who like changing her looks a lot. Scroll down to see more wonderful Amber Heard hairstyles!

1. Curly blonde hair:

At the North Country Los Angeles premiere in 2005, the American actress showed off her long blonde lock in tight curls with a subtle cat-eye and sheer glossy lip.

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2. Straight blonde hair:

Just by wearing straight blonde hair with smoky eyes, Heard looked pretty and beachy at the CW Winter TCA All Star Party in 2007.

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3. Black hair:

In the below picture, Amber Heard debuted her brunette locks at the D&G flagship boutique opening benefiting The Art of Elysium in 2008, wearing her hair swept back in tousled curls with taupe smoky eyes. As you know, our star often appears with blonde hair, so it is difficult to see her black hair like this!

Black hair b3dfad14 f769 404d b9a6 dd4620e78d76 large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

4. Soft mid-parted with platinum waves:

In the below pic, the model looks so charming with a pink T-shirt and soft blonde waves. Do you think this hairstyle helps her have a gorgeous look? As we can see, for without those golden strands, we might have never glimpsed perfection in our lifetime. This bright hair color seems to have made her brand.

Soft mid parted with platinum waves large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

5. Deep side parted long sleek hairstyle:

It can be said that Amber Heard looks so attractive in a deep side-parted long sleek hairstyle that’s an unfailing match to her nude silk dress at the Manus x Machina Fashion in an Age of Technology Costume Institute Gala.

Deep side parted long sleek hairstyle large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

6. Top bun hair:

There’s no denying the fact that the beautiful actress looks gorgeous as ever and for this event, she wears a delicate pink and lace gown and ditched her dark hair for a top bun at the Glamour Women Of The Year 2016. The marvelous makeup is one of the key elements which makes her beautiful appearance! This hairstyle looks best when hair is sleek and in place.

Top bun hair 42b5bbec 59ab 473b be74 68309974f0f5 large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

7. Beachy waves hairstyle:

Do you believe that you can become immediately infatuated with Amber’s beachy waves hairstyle, together with her elegant black floor-sweeper gown – the styles she wore at the Black Mass’ premiere during the 72nd Venice Film Festival?  Of course, just by a wide-barreled curling iron, you can get this sexy look!

Beachy waves hairstyle large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

8. Braided updo:

When appearing at the Magic Mike: XXL – UK film premiere with a bloody gorgeous red ruffle maxi dress and a not-so-simple messy braided updo hairstyle, Amber Heard catches all eyes on her beauty. A braided element such as a braided updo, can make your bun so amazing.

Although the star looks very feminine when she styles in long blonde hair, she sometimes braids it and it looks very attractive.

Braided updo 7a2d2016 b2b9 4e43 b8d2 e1cabf6dba59 large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

9. Brown tousled updo:

The model showed off her light brown locks in a tousled updo with a taupe smoky eye and nude lipstick at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, in 2014. Her sexy black dress was suitable for her hairstyle that makes her look so elegant and charming.

Brown tousled updo large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

10. Tousled updo with loose curls:

This is one of her favorite hairstyles that make our model look so fabulous and adorable. Heard wore her blonde locks in a tousled updo with loose curls framing her face and the satin red lipstick at The Art Of Elysium 8th Annual Heaven Gala in 2015.

Tousled updo with loose curls large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

11. Wavy blonde bob haircut:

As we can see, flattering faces both round and square, hair both curly and straight, the lob is truly a one-size-fits-all haircut. A wavy bob is one of the best choices making women more attractive and beautiful. This stunning haircut is a short women’s haircut, typically cut to jaw-length although shorter and mid-length versions are also popular.

Our star looks so gorgeous with this hairstyle.

Wavy blonde bob haircut large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

12. Ombre hair:

According to news, arriving at the 2013 Costume Institute Gala, Heard wore her ombre locks swept over in soft, polished curls with creamy, luminous skin.

Ombre hair large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

13. French braid with low bun:

Don’t be alarmed if strangers start doing double takes when they see you with this ultra-chic, eye-catching French braid with a low bun. In some special events like prom, weddings, festivals, buns are staples and look great in photos. With this French braid, you just only twist the braid and let it runs across your head.

French braid with low bun large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

14. Sleek platinum bun:

Her sleek platinum blond hair was pulled back into a bun and this makes the model looked so chic and stylish in the below pic!

Sleek platinum bun large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

15. Bouncy wavy hair:

We can’t deny that the waves make the look relaxed and flirty while the sun-kissed blonde keeps it young and fresh. With this hair color and hairstyle, Amber Heard is always a spotlight anywhere.

Bouncy wavy hair large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

16. Natural wavy red hair:

No doubt actress Amber Heard had some help here from hair extensions.

In Aquaman 2, the actress played princess Mera with sexy beauty and fiery red hair! Do you think that this hairstyle is suitable for our model?

Natural wavy red hair large - Amber Heard: Hairstyles Or Gorgeous Look?

After reading this news, what do you think about Amber Heard hairstyles? Amber Heard’s hair must have been strong to suffer damage from hair machine with high temperature. Besides, she sometimes has to apply hair extensions to change the appearance regularly.  So if you want to have new appearances, do not hesitate to change the hairstyle. And the best choice, as well as the fastest way, is using hair extensions. MACSARA is proud of being one of the best hair extensions companies in Vietnam with 100% Vietnamese human hair with no chemical, no tangle and no shedding, which makes you or your woman satisfied.

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