An Admirable Natalie Portman Without Makeup

Natalie Portman’s moments with a makeup-free face is not hard to see whenever she is off the red carpet and big screen. Yes, it’s because the 39-year- old woman isn’t kind of celebrity that put makeup as her priority. Usually, we can see this actress with dual American and Israeli citizenship walking on the streets without even any sign of makeup. And of course, most of the witnesses will share the same conclusion. Natalie Portman is still very wonderful and looks appealing even without makeup on her face.


Get closer to Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman was born on June 9, 1981, in Israel and holds dual Israeli and American citizenship. She has a quite modest height comparing with many other beautiful stars in Hollywood, but thanks to her talent and charisma, she has become a prominent Hollywood actress then also a successful film director and producer.

She made her screen debut in 1994 casting Jean Reno in the movie ‘Leon: The Professional’. Since then, Natalie made an impression on her acting skills and it was sure that the lady is here to stay for long. Some of the blockbuster movies in which she starred and won accolades are ‘Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace’, ‘Closer’, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’, ‘Goya’s Ghosts’ ‘Mars Attack’ and ‘Beautiful Girls’. Natalie Portman received several awards including the ‘Academy Award for Best Actress’ for her remarkable performance in the movie ‘Black Swan’.

Hollywood is a fiercely competitive environment that requires every artist to have attractive looks, talent, and bravery than normal people. But among those outstanding individuals, actress Natalie Portman still pops up as a symbol of beauty without question. Having a Jewish background with a high intellectual tradition and a lovely physique, Natalie’s appearance always fascinates others without having to wear too much makeup. Her pure beauty along with sharp brown eyes and her erudite aura can make the opposite automatically fall into silenceThe following pictures will show you that point.

Natalie Portman: With vs Without makeup

To be honest, Natalie Portman’s appearance without makeup is not much different from hers that we can see in front of cameras. This proves that this woman who rises to stardom when was cast as Thor’s girlfriend in the Star Wars looks gorgeous even without makeup on. Her face without makeup looks so flawless, fresh and very toned.

1. A cute woman with pink nose

In this picture, Natalie Portman is seen without any makeup, proving that she hardly needs any cosmetics to make her beautiful. Her eyes in an unusual brown shade look mesmerizing, dotting her perfect face. The chill in the air is making her nose look charmingly pink and we love everything about her no makeup appearance.

2. The perfect Diva look

It is unarguable that Natalie Portman is the Diva who can charm at all times and anywhere. This one is the best of Natalie Portman no makeup images which were taken when she was holidaying in Spain. And for a comfortable day-off, her lovely curly hair is tied at the top of her head. This bun hairstyle gives you a chance to easily admire her fresh looks without any sign of makeup and perfect complexion. Her skin looks elastic and her lips always appear with lively color naturally.

3. A sunshiny smile together with bald shaved head

This makeup-free picture reveals that all Natalie Portman needs to shine is her attitude because she is bestowed on naturally good locks. Her new bald shaved head is a drastic change in her appearance transformation. It helps to completely show off her flawless and pretty face. Combining with a sunshiny smile, the actress surely becomes the center of every attention.

4. A happy family

Natalie Portman daily moment pictures are something that you cannot stop admiring. She is someone whose beauty comes from within and therefore does not require any cosmetics to camouflage. Dressed in a printed skirt and white top and she looks as light as a feather while strolling leisurely with her family. There is not even a spot of makeup on her face and yet she looks charming.

5. An exhausted face

Off the big screen and red carpet, Natalie Portman also is a normal human. So after a long working day, she is also exhausted. She let her face free and tightly held back with a black headband. Even though we can spot a few pimples on her face, her natural beauty cannot go ignored.

We can say that Natalie Portman no makeup appearance is as good as when she dresses it on. And of course, she has that natural beauty that gives her impressing appearance even when there is no makeup decorating her face. Sharing in an interview, she notes that she doesn’t need tons of cosmetic products. She believes in taking good care of her skin to become beautiful. You can follow her trick and confidently walking on the streets with a bare face. Be yourself and shine your natural beauty!