Are Essential. Oils Products Really Necessary?

For women, hair care products are essential items that they always have at home. To protect your hair, it is necessary to use essential oils products. Keep reading to know how this oil is useful for your hair.

What is essential oil?

Are Essential Oils Products Really Necessary?
Are Essential Oils Products Really Necessary?

It is actually an essential oil extracted from natural ingredients to help smooth hair, prevent tangles, breaks, split ends problems.

Uses of hair essential oils

  • Helping hair strong: We often mistakenly think that when using essential oils and going to the street, the hair will be covered with dust. This dirt will cling to the hair, causing hair damage. But actually, this hair care oil has a great benefit in protecting and helping hair strong. It will penetrate into the scalp and hair roots, helping to tighten the epidermis, restore fiber hair and retain moisture.

Strong hair is a woman’s weapon

  • Removing hair tangles effect: Certainly, you will be extremely surprised about this use of hair essential oils. When your hair is still wet, you will have trouble brushing and untangling it, however, with just a few drops of essential oils, you can solve this problem easily.
  • Stimulate hair growth: For those who have short hair with a long hair wish, the essential oil is a solution for you. It can make your hair grow faster than normal.
  • Nourishing benefit: The nutrients contained in essential oils will help you recover fibrous hair, provide necessary moisture and help nourish hair shiny.

Just by looking at a few uses, we also see what essential oil means for your hair. Learn and use this item properly to get healthy hair.

Who should use hair essential oils? 

Many people believe that only those with the hair fiber, dry hair should use essential oils for hair. However, experts recommend that everyone use this product if possible. For those who are unlucky to have dry hair or by using a lot of chemicals, the use of essential oils will see a clear effect. As for others, essential oils make hair shiny, smoother and healthier. For children, should not use hair essential oils, let your baby’s hair grow naturally until maturity.

Experiences when using hair essential oils

– Learn the ingredients: This is the first important thing that anyone who wants to use essential oils for hair must know. The oils work best if they are extracted from healthy ingredients. The ingredients you should use are argan, olive, coconut oil, almond oil…

– Use the product that is suitable for your hair type: If your hair has been damaged by chemicals, regular drying, you can use concentrated products like Moroccanoil.

Essential oils for hair are extremely important
Essential oils for hair are extremely important

– How much essential oil is enough?

You can consider the number of oils through damage, as well as the thickness and length of the hair. For severely damaged, medium-thick, long-haired, you should use more essential oil, 3 to 4 drops each time is reasonable. For normal, thin, light, and healthy hair, you should only use 1 to 2 drops.

– How to use conditioners effectively: Firstly, wash your hair and rinse, wipe with a cotton towel to absorb all water on hair. Then, take the essential oils out of your palm, rub your hair.

Note: You should not take too much oil because you want to grow hair quickly or beautifully, the method of using essential oils will work slowly and permanently if you use it regularly. With oily skin, do not let the oil stick directly to the scalp, use it about 2 knuckles of your fingers just enough, your hair will not be oily.

Spring is coming so change your hair look right now to have a perfect, gorgeous hairstyle. Take care of your hair day by day with essential oils will help your hair healthier and stronger.