Are Vietnamese Hair Vendors Or Cambodian Hair Vendors Your Great Choice?

Are you true hair extension lovers? So, which hair vendors do you usually choose to buy it? Surely you will be overwhelmed with dozens of hair brands in the market now. It is difficult to distinguish which is the best and which is the worst. Usually, most girls love hair extensions which originate from Asian countries. This article will introduce two popular hair vendors in the world this time.

1. Cambodian hair vendors

These hair vendors usually supply raw Cambodian hair which is collected directly from single donors. The hair has three main textures including straight, wavy, and curly like Indian or Vietnamese hair, but pure Cambodian hair tends to come in wavy lightly. Also, it has a typical smell of clean natural hair which helps you distinguish which is the virgin hair and which is the mixed hair.

Cambodian Body Weave Hair 3 Bundles with 4×4 lace closure

Surprisingly, Cambodian hair suppliers sell the hair for salons, retailers, or customers at a low price that you can’t imagine. Maybe it can be one of the sale strategies which helps them expand the global customer network.

If you want to buy hair bundles at a super low price, Cambodian hair will be a great option.

2. Vietnamese hair vendors

Like Cambodian vendors, hair suppliers from Vietnam also take advantage of the available source to create stunning hair extension products which are exported around the world instead of using other types of hair. The hair is cut directly at the hair salon and hair vendors will collect and repurchase it. Then they will clean it out and process it to get rid of tangles or breakage.

The question is that whether manufacturers use chemical substances to make the hair straight, soft, and shiny or not. The answer is NO since Vietnamese hair is essentially smooth and silky. If they add chemicals, the hair is easy to be shed or get tangled only after several uses. So, the price of Vietnamese human hair seems to be slightly higher than the Cambodian hair. However, don’t agonize yourself about it because it’s worth your money. You will love it at the first sight.

Vietnamese Straight Weave Hair Bundles

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What is your choice? Cambodian hair or Vietnamese hair? Comment below to share this with everyone!