Avril Lavigne – Top 5 No Makeup Moments

When referring to Avril Lavigne, what impresses you most? Is it her god gifted voice or the Gothic makeup with heavy black eye makeup? Truth to be told, it is the makeup style that sets her apart from others and helps her grab people’s attention. However, there is more to this Canadian celebrity than just long blonde hair and heavily made-up eyes. Avril is still gorgeous and attractive even without makeup. So let’s see some moments of Avril Lavigne no makeup!

Avril Lavigne No Makeup

Avril Lavigne in Her Most Beautiful Apparent on The Red Carpet

Avril Lavigne always impresses others by her dulcet tones, prominent dark-eyed makeup, and strong and princess look at the same time. At the age of 17, she became the youngest pop star who sold 30 million albums and 50 million singles worldwide. As a celebrity, she has to show up with lots of makeup. The Vampire look becomes the feature that tells her apart.

Avril Lavigne on the red carpet
Avril Lavigne in her most beautiful appearance on the red carpet

See, she is wearing glamorous smokey eye-makeup with gold touch and bright glossy pink lips in the music video “Here’s To Never Growing Up”. Unchanging style! So, pay attention to her hair. The super long hair with magical waves gets on well with her and brings her a seductive appearance.

A Change For Good on The Red Carpet

Usually, Avril Lavigne appears in front of her fans with her signature heavy black eye makeup or even when she is at home. This causes a misundersteup ananding that she loves makd she isn’t confident about her natural look. In reality, Avril is a big fan of the No Makeup Movement. There was a time when she appeared on the red carpet, letting her face makeup-free. Undoubtedly, the “When You’re Gone” singer is still charming with this slight makeup and a simple yet chic ponytail hairstyle.

Avril Lavigne appears in front of her fans
A change for good on the red carpet

Avril Lavigne no makeup with her millions of dollars smile

This is another picture of the girl without makeup. It shows what a no-makeup Avril looks like, with her brilliant smile really attracting everyone’s eyes. It seems that photographers succeed in grabbing the moments of Avril Lavigne no makeup right backstage.

Looking extremely pretty, Avril here is a true beauty showing off her pretty peepers and pearly whites. She seems to be a natural teenage girl who is only wearing makeup on special occasions. She is self-confident about her glowing skin and her sunshiny smile with her blonde hair flowing by the wind.

Avril Lavigne no makeup with her smile
Avril Lavigne no makeup with her millions of dollars smile

Avril Lavigne Goes to The Gym

Next, you must have a strong impression of Avril Lavigne with heavy makeup on the stage. In this picture, we saw Avril in her black tank on a normal day. She is one of the most magnified celebrities with no makeup. For an outdoor day, she loosened up her strands and went natural with a makeup-free face.

Avril Lavigne goes to the gym
Avril Lavigne goes to the gym

Walk Down The Street

In this picture, Avril may be on her way back home after a long working day. Dressing on a hoodie, Avril seemed quite busy as she walked on the streets. Her all-black clothing only marked her blonder mane that was tightly tied on the side. Even though her face is hidden below, she sure had no makeup on her face and yet Avril Lavigne no makeup looked quite her mesmerizing self.

Avril Lavigne walks down the street
Avril Lavigne walks down the street

Avril Lavigne with AU Naturel Style

Here is another great picture of the beautiful Avril in her natural self, showing her flawless skin and radiant white blonde locks. Even without makeup, we could tell she has a good consistency when it comes to skin and hair.

Avril Lavigne with au naturel style
Avril Lavigne with au naturel style

As you know, music does not need any makeup layer to make it attractive. It must be the beauty from the inside and we can feel it in her. We cannot deny makeup helps boost her beauty. And so does hairstyle. Wearing different hairstyles instead of putting on a heavy makeup layer, she is still gorgeous and ready to steal anyone’s heart.

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