Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

Referring to baldness, the images often appear in our subconscious are being old, inferior and inferior when exposed to the opposite person. At that time, everyone dreamed that they could find back their strong, thick, and smooth hair as soon as possible but not many people know the best way to prevent and improve baldness.

This article will refer to two main contents:

  • Three states that women are bald easily and how to remedy baldness in women
  • 3 treatment directions to improve baldness effectively in men

What is baldness?

Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

Baldness is a condition of hair loss and disproportionate, leaving many areas of the scalp empty, slippery, and pores-free.

The disease can occur in both men and women, but men account for more. Previously, baldness was common at age after 40 but now, the disease is showing signs of rejuvenation: many cases of baldness early at age 30, even 20, 25 years old have had baldness.

Warning signs of baldness

Each person can recognize the risk of baldness through some of the following signs:

  • Hair shedding a lot and continuously for a long time
  • No hair regrowth or regrowth is very
  • Many scalp patches were exposed

In addition to the above characteristics, baldness in men and women is also different.

Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

  • For men, baldness is usually in form of a large hairpiece (due to the hair loss process), the forehead line is lost, the bald part is usually concentrated at the top of the head and the temples, the scalp is smooth.

Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

  • For women, baldness usually occurs only in people who undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy. Women often experience a lot of hair loss in the hairline, the forehead and the top of the head. Their hair is usually thin and very sparse.

Is baldness inherited?

Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

The answer is yes. If there is a bald person in the family, children – mostly in men – are at high risk of baldness at birth. This is a dominant genetic condition.

Causes of baldness?

Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

Baldness comes from the weakening of hair germ cells, leading to hair loss and continuity. This weakness has a difference between men and women:

  • Men: often due to genetic factors (common in young men), due to male endocrine disorders, long-term stress, smoking, alcohol, scalp inflammation, side effects of drugs …
  • Females: usually derived from female endocrine disorders, malnutrition, long-term stress, abuse of hairdressing chemicals, effects from diseases (hypothyroidism, polycystic ovaries, cervical cancer, inflammation, etc.)

In addition, when there are many hair loss, many patients also suffer from “obsessive syndrome” – worry that the hair will fall more, lose more and become bald. This excessive anxiety and obsession is a “catalyst” that causes the hair cells to rapidly deteriorate, the faster the hair loss process, the baldness of the hair comes sooner – the unintentional anxiety comes true.

Therefore, when faced with hair loss, we should calm down to find ways to improve as soon as possible, avoid excessive stress that makes the situation worse and more difficult to overcome effectively.

Can baldness improve?

Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

Many people who have to “live with floods” often choose to have their heads shaved, wigs/ hair extension or hair transplants. With hair transplantation, hair can grow back after a while. However, this method costs a lot of money (the price is usually calculated according to the amount of hair being implanted) and the hair is only maintained for a short time.

How to prevent baldness?

Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

Thus, if the family has a history of baldness or when hair loss rate is high, to avoid the risk of baldness, you need to go see a doctor consult the ways to prevent baldness from early (when baldness lasts 5 years or more, hair follicles have a risk of atrophy, then bald remedies will no longer work because the hair does not have a growing place)

In addition to protecting and promoting hair germ cells from the inside to avoid the risk of early baldness, you need to adjust your living habits to avoid damaging hair germ cell:

  • Shampoo properly: do not wash your hair too often or use too many shampoos because they can break the structure of your hair. Only wash 2-3 times/week with cold water. When shampooing, gently massage to both clean and promote blood circulation. Rinse thoroughly after each wash.
  • Reducing stress because stress will make hair fall faster. When something bad happens, think in a positive way. You also can practice yoga, meditation to calm the body.
  • No smoking, because the nicotine in cigarettes has a lot of damage to hair germ cells. The more you smoke, the faster your hair will fall.
  • Limit hair exposure to beauty chemicals or high-temperature exposure (such as bending, stretching, and dyeing). If you want to do beauty, you should only apply the method over 6 months/time. When going to the street, there should be measures to shield the hair head from ultraviolet rays with a hat.

Baldness: Causes, Signs, And Ways To Improve

Prevention is better than cure. Hopefully, this post has provided you essential information about baldness in order to have effective measures to deal with this uncomfortable disaster. In case you have already struggled with baldness, using hair extensions is a great method to regain your confident appearance. Macsarahair’s real human hair extensions, which are all made of 100% virgin hair of Vietnamese women, will bring you the fabulous hair as desired. Visit our store for more information!