Bella Hadid No Makeup, No Worries!

No makeup picture of celebrities is always hot new on the Internet. Today, Macsarahair will recommend some best photos of Bella Hadid no makeup as well as her glamorous hairstyles!

Who is Bella Hadid? Her full name is Isabella Khair Hadid. Born on October 9, 1996, in Washington, D.C, she is an American model. Be a success model, she was voted “Model of the Year” by industry professionals for’s Model of the Year Awards in 2016.

Bella Hadid No Makeup

A high sleek ponytail with necklace helps the model look so chic and stylish!

She is genetically blessed with her model-like height, long legs, thin frame, and a beautiful face with flawless skin, a high nose, full lips, and sharp eyebrows. Bella Hadid not only has charming makeup as well as fabulous hairstyles but also has natural beauty.

Even we mostly see the “Model of the Year” winner done up in professional makeup, these photos of Bella Hadid without makeup are still obnoxiously perfect. Scroll down to see more of her wonderful moment!

1. A high ponytail and sexy collarbone


As we can see, smooth skin, deep blue eyes, a high nose seem to make the model become a spotlight anywhere even without makeup! In the below pic, she is wearing a thin sweater showing off her sexy collarbone. High ponytail with black color is so smooth and shiny that makes her so adorable and lovely.

2. After having a bath

The model shared an image of herself after having a bath with a towel. We can see her complexion and her face without a stitch of concealer, lipstick or eye makeup. This may be one of the best pics of Bella Hadid!

3. Braided hair and bright smile

It was another evident that Bella Hadid no makeup still has marvelous beauty. In this pic, she is wearing black clothes and showing her natural beauty. She rarely wears makeup on her face but it looks magnificent. The Hollywood star is the one who is never shy in front of the camera. On her face, there is always a charming and friendly smile. In this pic, the model looks so gentle with braided hair.

4. Natural brown hair

Bella Hadid No Makeup

Natural brown hair has never been out of fashion from time to time. She was wearing casual clothes and does not wear any makeup. The actress seems to be more open and confident about her natural look. Do you think this is one of the most beautiful pictures of Bella Hadid? She shows off her awesome natural beauty in this picture.

5. In the bed

This is one of the most liked selfies of the lady. In this pic, there is not a single trace of makeup on her face. Perfect contours on the face and flawless skin help her look fabulous in her natural look. She is still young and has youthful skin on her side so that she has no reason to cover her face with tons of makeup. Wavy black hair is so natural and gorgeous.

6. No makeup and with makeup

Bella Hadid No Makeup

On the left is Bella Hadid without makeup, on the right is Bella Hadid with beautiful makeup. We can say that there doesn’t have any difference between 2 pics. When comparing two pictures, it’s hard to recognize Bella Hadid no makeup and Bella Hadid with makeup. Do you think so? Whether our star chooses to wear makeup or not, both options are perfect!

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