Best Mariah Carey Without Makeup

Famous superstars spend much of Mariah Carey under the close supervision of other people. For stage performances and public appearances, they often amp up the drama with bold beauty looks, but, just like us, these celebrities don’t spend all of their time in full glam. But things are a little bit different from Mariah Carey. She goes natural even on the big screen. Wondering where to see these pictures of Mariah Carey with no makeup? Then go to her Instagram and you will find tons of her no-makeup selfies. Here we show you some of them.

1. On stage

Mariah Carey has nothing to hide. Not even her no-makeup face. She has always loved her natural appeal and she displays it proudly.

For her performance in the powerful film “Precious”, she played a concerned social worker. Far from the image, Carey has cultivated for years, the character is no oil painting of music-video pulchritude, with her lank hair, a wardrobe of rayon sweater-coats and, yes, even a sparse mustache creeping across her upper lip. And Mariah appeared bare-faced for the stripped-back role. Mariah is unrecognizable with her eyeliner and mascara free eyes looking really plain. Her skin appears healthy but without the tanned foundation and cheek contouring her face looks like it’s shaped differently than what we’re used to.

Mariah is a professional actress so she always follows film roles’ requirements and went cosmetic free once again for The Butler as slave Hattie Pearl. Her skin looks rather young and flawless as a 40-year-old woman. Her hair is pulled back, bring out her beautiful dark oval eyes. Truthful to say, Mariah Carey without makeup on looks more friendly and veracious.

2. In daily life

This is a pic that Mariah Carey shared with social media on the morning of Friday. The 46-year-old glowed in the photo with her tresses styled down in a beachy wave. Mariah Carey looked positively radiant in a nearly makeup-free selfie and always powerful enough to steal any heartthrobs. Surely, this picture will inspire lots of women to say no to makeup and be confident about their God-gifted beauty.

There are many celebrities who look almost different without makeup. But it doesn’t go the same path with Mariah Carey. Mariah takes advantage of her natural appeal as her best weapon and often displays her makeup-free face to shut the haters. As you can see in this photo, her figure is so outstanding and her natural face has a desirably beautiful shade. That’s the reason why she doesn’t need so luxurious dress to grab other eyes. Dressing on a casual outfit, style the hair in a high bun, that’s enough to confidently walk down the streets and shine her beauty.

If you’re thinking that Mariah is just another plastic icon hiding under the huge stack of makeup then you should rethink. She looks very attractive with the signature sweet smile even after shedding off her all her makeup. This picture made the public aware of her natural beauty and proves that she’s not just another plastic doll earning millions because of her high-end makeup tricks and fancy clothing. She can appeal all in the same way and makeup never is a requirement.

This is a picture of Mariah with her little daughter. Mariah looks no less than an innocent and flawless child who is enjoying happy moments with her family. Very few women can look so fresh like Mariah without any makeup.

This post can disappoint those who are looking forward to seeing the shocking image of Mariah Carey no makeup. Why? Because she always looks so amazing even when there is not any sign of makeup on her face. This basically just an appreciation post of how she looks so beautiful with her no-makeup fresh face. Do you prefer Mariah Carey with no makeup to her full-on? Make sure to let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned for another post of celebrities without makeup.