Best-selling MACSARA’s hair products

It’s undeniable that despite disadvantages and shortcomings, MACSARA HAIR still builds strong beliefs of customers all over the world. Many clients coming from a far distance drop into our office to buy hair extension products. Don’t miss this post because we are going to introduce some of our best-selling products if you are intending to buy hair extensions from MACSARA HAIR.

I-tip hair

 Compared to other types of hair extensions, this hair is at the top of the list that makes clients love at first sight. What makes this type of extensions are the beads. They are very tiny and impeccably sized to hold both the tip of the hair extensions and your own natural hair.

SC 64 - Best-selling MACSARA’s hair products
I-tip hair, red color

I-tip hair extensions (micro bead hair extensions) are a popular option for extension lovers who don’t want to use fusion methods, adhesive tapes, or hot glues.

Moreover, they’re an awesome way to add more volume and length with a low risk of damage. I-tip hair gives us the feeling of firmness instead of loosening like clip-ins or tape-ins. We can comfortably play with it all day without replacing the tapes or making the clips always perfect. Consult for more details and order through

 Flat-tip hair

This hair is so perfect that users can forget that they are wearing hair extensions at all. The flat tip helps the hair move easily and create 24/7 comfort and a natural feel.  After applying it on your head, you can feel the hair move and lay as the way as your natural hair. You will fall in love with is only after several uses.

SC 79 - Best-selling MACSARA’s hair products
Flat-tip hair , color #613

Tape-in hair

Tape-in hair extensions are the most popular technique for a seamless, long-lasting, and manageable solution. They are non-damaging and easy to apply on the head. You can reuse tape-ins many times with replacement tapes. If you love this hair, contact us now to own amazing tape-in hair extensions and receive many special gifts for this Christmas coming.

We ensure our hair is made from 100% high-quality Vietnamese hair collected carefully from top hair salons in Vietnam. The hair completely has no chemical substances, no tangle, and no shedding. It’s also easy to style and to maintain, so you can change hairstyles frequently without damaging your natural hair.

SC 86 - Best-selling MACSARA’s hair products
Tape-in hair, color #18

What are you waiting for? Contact MACSARA Hair now to experience our top best-selling hair products for this Christmas time. Don’t forget to make feedback videos about the hair since this can help us improve the quality of hair bundles as well as customer service for the next business.