Best Temporary Hair Color Products

Best Temporary Hair Color Products

Owning fabulous hair colors is a wish for many girls, especially when the festival time is coming. Temporary hair color products are perfect gifts for parties or performances, however, it can also be disappointing if you’re not using the best temporary hair color.

What is a Temporary Hair Color?

You can understand that technically “temporary hair dye” refers to any hair color dye. It doesn’t penetrate the cortex of your hair meaning that they will eventually wash off. These dyes can last anywhere from one wash to a month. Depending on your hair color, hair condition (previously bleached), and choice of dye color (blacks and reds especially) even temporary hair colors can stain.

Best Temporary Hair Color Products

There are many different forms that temporary hair dye comes in.

Hair chalk: The powdery or slightly creamy sticks of color that you rub on your hair, with or without the use of water and they tend to last from one to three washes.

Colored hairsprays: These products are spray-on colors that coat your hair in pigment and wash out in one or two shampoos.

Hair mascara: It coats your hair with a cream-like dye. It is similar to sprays and chalks when washing out in a couple of shampoos.

Colored pomades: These kinds of products are fairly new on the scene like hair gels that are thick and highly pigmented. Leaving your hair feeling gelled but deliver good color that washes out in one to two shampoos.

Best Temporary Hair Color Options

Mofajang Hair Color Wax

This is a thick hair wax that has a smooth clay texture to it, almost like cake frosting so you can apply to your hair wherever you want the color to be.

Best Temporary Hair Color Products

It doesn’t rub off easily when touched but prolonged contact will cause some bleeding so best wash this out before you go to bed. It will come off easily from both hair and skin in one wash.

Depending on your hair type, when it works, the Mofajang Wax pops with a bright color or it can look kind of dull when it doesn’t. If you have thick or coarse hair, this seems to work awesomely. If your hair is thinner or porous, it takes a lot more products to get the same effect which can lead to frustrations.

In addition to grey, it also comes in blue, gold, green, purple, red, and white…

Scented Blendable Hair Chalk Markers

Best Temporary Hair Color Products

These products are interesting chalk markers. The reason why is that they’re fruit scented with non-toxic and hypoallergenic and have great pigmentation and are fun for kids to use. The special thing is that this set comes with 6 markers for all the rainbow.

Joico Instatint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray

If you want to be wary of temporary color spray, give Joico color spray a try because it won’t stain blonde hair. It has many colors including Violet Opal, Amethyst, Rose Gold, and Fiery Coral.

Best Temporary Hair Color Products

The good opaque coverage with vibrant pigments when used close up and a more diffuse, lighter look when sprayed from farther back is its strength. It comes out in one wash and shows up well on both light and dark hair though, like most temporary dyes, darker colors like reds won’t show up as well on dark hair.

Onedor Temporary Hair Color Mascara

This temporary dye gives you a good pigment load and shows up on both dark and light hair.

Best Temporary Hair Color Products

It is similar to mascara so be sure to use the extra fine brush tool which they provide because the product can go on a little clump. The color can hold up for a couple of days but comes right out in the first wash.

Some choices for you to choose from are green, purple, or a money-saving three-color bundle of purple, blue, and pink.

Hailicare Unicorn Purple Hair Wax

As a hair wax, it has a different application process and takes more time than a spray or mascara would, but you can mostly avoid the color transferring onto your skin and clothes because it washes right off with water and a little soap. If your hair is dark, it may take a couple of coats to get the bright color.

Best Temporary Hair Color Products

As a wax, your hair will have a soft hair gel feeling to it and it dries to a matte clay feeling, however, you should use a brush or comb to help you evenly distribute the color and keep your hair as soft and natural-looking as possible. This brand is selling five colors including Unicorn Purple, Blue, and Silver Grey.

When you don’t want to apply temporary hair color on your real hair, you totally can use 12-inch clip in hair extension. MACSARA ensures that you will get a perfect stunning hair hue to show off your hair beauty.