Beyoncé Knowles: The Beauty Behind The Aura On Stage


Beyonce Knowles The Beauty Behind The Aura On Stage large

Recently, the world-class superstar Beyoncé has just officially reunited with audiences all over the world as a voice actress for the lion Nana in Disney’s movie “The Lion King”. Renowned as a genius singer, songwriter, and actress, Beyoncé had a successful comeback that satisfies all the fans in the world, once again affirmed her talent and position in the entertainment world.

Beyoncé Knowles has a successful career, there is no doubt about it. Being surrounded by the camera and the light of the stage most of the time, we almost see her beauty shinning under the makeup layers but not her natural beauty. In fact, Beyoncé is loved by many people in the world because of not only her unique voice but also her real graceful look. If putting on makeup make her look radiant as the shining sun at noon then a Beyoncé without makeup is definitely the moon in a summer night, gentle, meek, and graceful.

Let’s join MACSARA to have a look at some moments of Beyoncé no makeup and together with us to admire her beauty even without the sparkles in the Hollywood world!

1. The Morning Glow:

The Morning Glow large

With all this beauty, the genius singer has never been had to struggle with the moment that most of us girls are always scared – the early-morning-look. Here is a picture of Beyoncé that is enough to capture every heart. Cutting her long hair, Beyoncé here shows off her wavy bob while totally confidently wearing zero makeup. Her skin is flawless as the morning glow which was evident on her face.

2. The Great Mane Look:

The Great Mane Look large

Here we see Beyoncé sporting her long lion mane in soft beachy waves as she enjoys her day off. No need to put on heavy makeup, the genius singer always knows how to find another way adorn her appearance and shine. By “way” here, we’re talking about the unique hairstyle choice. The hair is dyed in two tones with the light brown outside cover the dark brown inside, giving a fiery yet super enchanting look. However, the star seems to look a bit off her regular flawless charisma since the tiredness was clearly showing on her face but still, she looked beautiful with the smile on lips, didn’t she?

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3. Some Quality Time:

Some Quality Time large

Here we see an image of not a glamorous star but a gentle mother who is willing to protect her daughter at all costs! Blue Ivy rested on the crook of her mother’s neck while the mother pulled off an extensive hairdo. And of course, we cannot forget mentioning her marvelous braided top knot which makes her look so high-fashion and impressive even without makeup. Yes, she simply stunned us again.

4. Flawlessness:

Flawlessness large

Yet another picture showing the fabulous Beyoncé was seen around the net where her skin was as smooth as silk, spotless, and beautiful. The photo showed off her beauty without any makeup, proved again that she never really needed makeup to be spectacular. Her light eyes in the combination with the innocent smile are enough to speak for herself.

5. Quirky Fun:

Quirky Fun large

Just a simple pose of Beyoncé where she bit her lower lip and smiled widely while resting her chin against her hand. The blonde floating hair is left free-down giving a feminine look and the soft curls framing the face curves is perfect to enhance the gracefulness. The picture clearly shows her completely without a sprinkle of makeup. We saw her true self clearly shown up, beautiful and gorgeous.

6. The In Bed Look:

The In Bed Look large

Not every pop star can be completely comfortable to show their just-wake-up look. And obviously, our Beyoncé is not included in itlo. The American singer soothed the thirst of all fans by posting an early morning selfie. She still looked flawless even though didn’t put on any makeup and her face was almost covered by her hand.

7. Going out:

Going out large

We are too familiar to a Beyoncé who almost always appear to the public in the image of a mature, charming, and fashionable women, whether on stage or off stage, with or without makeup. So this may be one of the very rare times we see Beyoncé rocking a totally different style. Doesn’t associate with the glamour and fancy guise, Beyoncé transforms into a friendly lovely girlfriend who you may want to get acquainted with from the first glance. The long straight brunette hair, adding some layered-cut, combining with the blunt bangs and a lovely white beanie give an innocent feel, making Beyoncé look a few years younger, especially when she leaves her face totally makeup-free.

Which look of Beyoncé that you like the most? Let’s MACSARA know by leaving your thoughts on the comment section below!