Black Women Hair Weave That Makes You Wowwing

As you know, since the dawn of time the topic of hair weave, and dye especially when it comes down to black women are very controversial. And now, the real question we tend to hear a lot is why do African women seem to wear so many weaves or wigs? Today, Macsarahair will let you know about black women’s hair weave in this article!

Black Women Hair Weave That Makes You Wowwing

Brief history and the reasons for wearing black hair

According to the notes, during the mid-1700s in slave societies, white women would cut off the female servant’s black hair because supposedly it would confuse them. Therefore, as the decades roll on black women would braid their hair as an extra precaution from damage and from people making fun of how their hair looks.

There’s no denying the fact that now in 2020 that black women love to wear their natural curls and it is an increasing beauty trend that I don’t think will ever die out again. We can say that although the history of black hair goes back to centuries, some reasons black women wear weaves or get hair perms are to uphold beauty standards society places upon us in the media and by other people. Besides, what’s so satisfying to realize is that black hair no matter how controversial is always fascinating.

We have an actress like Lupita Nyong’o who wears their natural curls proudly and give other women of color the right to do so.

It’s no surprise that most importantly African American women wear weaves as a protective hairstyle. We can come to the consensus that having natural hair can be strenuous, time-consuming, and flat out stressful.

It is clear that for women in the Western world, hair extensions are a quick and easy beauty solution that has turned into a billion-dollar industry. So, why wait for your hair to grow naturally when you can seek a more rapid alternative?

To sum up, the next time someone asks why black women wear so much weave, the response should be “the same reason why whites, Latinos, and other ethnicities wear extensions, to achieve a beautiful look without the extra work.

Some weave hairstyles for black hair

What better way to protect your hair and change up your style than by rocking a weave?! Check out what’s new for this upcoming season for weave hairstyles.

1. Box braided hairstyle

As you can see, box braided hairstyles are one of the most popular African American protective styling choices. Besides, box braids are a great protective style when you need a break from your natural hair.

2. Black women hair weave: short hairstyle

We can say that we love pixie hairstyles because they are easy to maintain and style. It looks so cute and pretty!

3. Weave ponytail hairstyles for black hair

Do you agree with me that this is a chic and stylish variety of ponytail hairstyles for black hair? No doubt that lovely, lengthy and totally sleek, this ponytail is ideal for day or night, and it can easily take you from the afternoon boardroom to evening cocktails in a flash. We are happy to say the hair is flawlessly straightened and then pulled back into a ponytail with a hair wrap around the base.

4. Soft Curls Weave Hairstyles

It is said that soft-curly black women hair weave  give you soft, bouncy and beautiful curl patterns.

How to wear weave black hair?

Weave black hair is not too difficult to apply and it can be used in many situations. First, you should divide your hair into the upper part and lower part. The second, tighten the top sections of the hair and make a horizontal line as a braid in the lower section of your hair. The third, apply for weave hair extensions by sewing it into the horizontal line. Then you loosen the top section, which has been tied before, to cover up all the weaves and root hair. It will stay in place.

Where to buy the good weave hair extensions?

To have charming hairstyles with weave such as braided, ponytail, updo, curly or wavy hairstyles, you have to choose the good weave hair extensions. There are many hair extensions companies or shops in the world such as Global Best Beauty Trading in Canada, UCHE HAIR in America, TedHair factory in China… You can choose weave hair in the nearest addresses to save ship fees by some click in Google. However, nowadays, many companies provide hair extensions with bad quality. If you buy a weave hair that is made of synthetic, you can’t style your weave hair with hot treatment. Therefore choosing a reputable hair extensions company to limit the risks of damaging your real hair is not an easy problem. And Macsarahairis one of the biggest hair suppliers in Vietnam which you can trust.

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